Monday, March 8, 2021

The World You Don't See: Trafficking in Plain Sight

Maybe you heard the news over the past couple weeks.

George Clooney's gonna help produce a documentary on the Ohio State abuse scandal.

It probably gave you the warm fuzzies that George is going to be involved in this project because, after all, he's going after the super awful "Gym Jordan".

So this is a good thing, right?

Well, no.

If you had read the fine print, you would have noticed that one man involved in the project, Ron Burkle, is in Jeffrey Epstein's "little black book".

Another, David Glasser, is the former COO of The Weinstein Company.  He was often referred to as "the third Weinstein brother".

You may be scratching your head, wondering what this means.

I will tell you what it looks like in my opinion. It looks like a "Field of View" operation.

The concept is this:

You seize on a story early on, allowing you to control the narrative and the facts surrounding an issue.  You avoid focusing on the facts that really matter in the interest of, in this case, protecting a network.

But maybe this isn't making sense yet.

Let's continue our journey into the world you don't see...

Thanks to Hollywood, and partnerships with famous Hollywood personalities, UNICEF gets some of the best PR in the world.

Of course everyone knows who George Clooney is.

He's the guy who made an easy billion $$$ by way of selling his vodka company to Diageo. was an "accident".

Never heard of Diageo? They're the company fined by the SEC for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Speaking of Diageo, they're the same company that bought Ryan Reynolds' gin company.

Strangest thing...

Now Reynolds is a spokesperson on human trafficking, just like the Clooneys.

But, crazy thing...did you know that the founder of Covenant House, Father Bruce Ritter was forced out over allegations of sexual and financial misconduct. Probably just a coincidence, right?

But I really want to talk about the Clooneys favorite cause, UNICEF.

Remember this...when a UNICEF ambassador joined forces with Vlad Plahotniuc?

Maybe the name Vlad Plahotniuc rings a bell?  You know...the human trafficker?

But I'm sure it's just a coincidence that a UNICEF ambassador would team up with a human trafficker, right?

Let's not forget about UNICEF and the Charles Bronfman prize...

Certainly you remember the Bronfmans.

They're the same family who proudly took over management of Diageo.  Remember that?

But maybe that family name rings another bell...

Charles Bronfman and his brother Edgar Bronfman Sr. (now deceased) are the sons of the bootlegger, Samuel Bronfman.
You may have heard of Edgar's daughters.
I mean, just look how the same people keep intersecting, over and over and over again...

Small world!
Does anyone remember this "revelation" from Ed Snowden?

Now, just imagine if Moscow Eddie had actually been telling the truth for once.
When you first read that article, you probably marveled at the depravity of FVEY (the Five Eyes).  But what if Moscow Eddie was really letting UNICEF and their list of corporate partners know that the intelligence community was monitoring human trafficking in their ranks.
Anyway, we'll continue our deep dive in the next installment...
Keep your seatbelt on. More dots to connect...

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