Monday, August 3, 2020

Why I'm Moving on to Other Things

I've been doing this for awhile now.

And, frankly, I'm burnt out.

I'm tired of being attacked for trying to show people reality.

I'm tired of losing friends because of things I say now that will not become apparent and for which I will be proven right, years later.

I'm tired of trying to "time" what I have to say, based upon when the world is in the best mindset to hear and understand it.

I'm tired of people shooting the messenger, because the message conflicts with peoples' understanding of reality.

I'm tired of hoping that the massive scale of transnational organized crime will someday be prosecuted, when I damn well know that it won't.

I'm tired of believing that, someday, we will think or care about Subversion and Deception, rather than just our pet ideological causes and partisan addictions.

I'm tired of the information war.

I'm tired of the fact that most people still don't even have a clue about the information war, and I can't help but wonder what we have really accomplished, even if we do get Trump out this fall.

And the most depressing part of it all will be that the Left will take a deep breathe and say "Phew! The war is over!" just as soon as Trump leaves office.

For my part, I'm out.

If I fight this war at all, I will do so in other ways.

It's been a wild ride, folks.

Love you all.

Chris Nethery


  1. Information warfare is truly like troops being sent on tours/war campaigns for a year or two...when they return some take several months off for R&R have not allowed yourself this...of course you are burned have taught so many 2nd and 3rd is time for the master teacher to sit back and review/analyze how well his students have learned. I feel as though you have started a movement...and you may not see it yet, but fire waves are catching on. Take your R&R...have some fun...then decide your next steps...we will not disappoint you...

  2. And you have not lost any friends...sometimes friends need time to absorb the information...but they will because it is truth...and then they will come back with "I know, you told me so"...I am glad you shocked with the Zev op like you did. Too close to the election to reveal any questionables slower. This is too important and I seen today where the Dem Sen Bullock has dropped in his point lead b/c of the "Defund the police" op used by his opponent.

  3. Will we eradicate all transnational organization crime syndicates...hell no, too many pop up as the FBI take them down. But...we now feel empowered, educated to see what possibly is behind door 1,2,3,or 4...I never could understand the Iran-Contra deal before...this is over 40 years ago...and always I felt dense discussing...but now I can start connecting dots...this grasshopper says thank you to the master...

  4. Wish you only the best. You’re already missed!

  5. Thank you for all you have done. You are a brave and courageous person. You truly have suffered those slings and arrows..but you knew you would..But probably didn't expect it from some of the ones that tried to damage you, tho. I don't have a personal relationship with you.. I consider the people who do, very fortunate. What a kind person you are. A brilliant bright light. Thank you so much.

  6. Thanks for everything, Chris! 💕

  7. Sorry to see you go, but totally understand your reasons for going.

  8. I am an appreciative beneficiary of your work. Thanks for helping me grasp things I can not yet entirely see. All the best. Get good rest.

  9. Hope you are well, Chris. Thanks for everything you've done! ❤✌🇺🇸

  10. My heart is heavy to lose you in this fight. But you have done so much! Your blog is hearing your voice, your wisdom in real time, starting in 2015, before many of us were even tuned in to the surreal world we are now in! This information war is so brutal because it is being fought in the deepest parts of our minds...for many many years...which is why it is so hard to expose. We stay confused and they keep criming. If you do another podcast, or subscription service where we could get feedback and nuggets from you, so many of us would be so appreciative. Thank you thank you thank you for everything, Stay well with your family. Forever grateful, Beth

  11. We will miss you, Chris but thank you for all you've tried to do.

  12. Chris, I totally understand your frustration. I truly hope you take some time away but come back. I’m a Dem but I take everything you say very seriously. Some will move on. You’ve added so much to the discussion, you’ve exposed so much. Very much needed. Take care. Christine

  13. I'm going to miss you most when stuff like this comes up. I know that you would be howling over this.

  14. It’s too bad for us but if you are burned out, take care of yourself first. I appreciate all the work you’ve done. ❤️

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