Saturday, August 1, 2020

Racism Does Exist in America and a Counterfeiting Network is Hiding Behind it

Few people in America weren't disgusted and sickened after watching the video of George Floyd at the hands of Derek Chauvin.

The outrage was certainly justified and quickly grew into national demonstrations.

But something else was also going on.

And, we still have not established a motive, albeit the MSM has jumped the gun and ASSUMED that Chauvin's actions were motivated by racism.

Let's look at the facts.

As you may have already heard, both men handled security at the same nightclub in Minneapolis, which is now burned down.

It is important to recall that Floyd was initially stopped for passing or trying to pass a counterfeit bill.  For all we know at this point, Floyd may not have had any idea that the bill was counterfeit.  We just don't know.

The point here is that a massive counterfeit operation exists in Minnesota.

In fact, just earlier this year, CBP made a sizable bust of roughly $900,000 worth of counterfeit bills at the Canadian-Minnesota border:

The media quickly piled on, without conducting any serious background research.

You may recall that Floyd Mayweather quickly jumped in to offer to pay for George Floyd's funeral expenses.

Mayweather, who is sometimes referred to by his nickname, "Money", seems to be surrounded by just  The boxer has a reputed net worth in excess of $1.5 billion.

In 2017, he funded a music label entitled "To Live and Die in Minnesota", an obvious hat-tip to the counterfeiting film "To Live and Die in L.A."...

You may recall Mayweather's romance with Chechen dictator, Ramzan Kadyrov...

And, somehow, news of George Floyd's death made it all the way back to Kadyrov...

So what are we looking at here?

Kind of looks like a global counterfeiting network involving Ramzan Kadyrov and his buddies in the Triads are freaking out and needed to avoid some negative attention, doesn't it?

So interesting that the demonstrations quickly shifted to Portland, where:

A) The Triads have a much bigger presence than they do in Minneapolis and,

B) CBP is under seige by both by violent demonstrators and the usual suspects on the alt-Left...and they're the ones who just busted nearly a million dollars in counterfeit money in Minneapolis.

But you know what?

Some of us motherfuckers are watching.


  1. Thanks, Chris! Hope you're feeling well.

  2. So Do you think GF was killed because he was going to tell someone? The rational for being killed for one bill seems like overkill. Maybe he was going to testify? Or maybe he was already keeping an eye. The whole thing didn't make sense. I just remember the look on Chauvin's face. Calm, like he was just doing his job. Perhaps not just a policmen?