Thursday, July 23, 2020



You read that correctly.

I'm putting up a $1,000 reward to the first person who can provide actual evidence that I have harassed women, aside from someone on social media saying "OMG! THAT GUY HARASSES WOMEN!"

But it gets better...

I'm putting up an additional $5,000 reward for proof that I ever claimed that the Parkland kids were paid actors.

But it gets even better...

Another $5,000 reward for proof I claimed Michael Bloomberg is an agent of influence for Russia.

$10,000 reward for proof I ever stalked Sarah Kendzior or threatened to follow her to Estonia to confront her.

$150,000, if you can prove that my wife of 25 years divorced me.  Make it an even $200,000 if you can provide evidence that she divorced me because I was "obsessed".

This is not a gimmick.

What it IS is another way to look at Defamation.

Let the games begin!  Earn those Defamation Bucks!


  1. What I believe many making accusations are forgetting is that even though Twitter may suspend an account, Twitter has to retain all records. The archived records are still there. That I learned from Tundra...and which Twitter had to finally admit to. Why am I even saying that...? Subpoenas can be issued to Twitter for fact records and any old accounts and all original records (not photoshopped) regardless, the truth will prevail...and that makes me smile...somebody I know has an excellent defamation case with many, many friends supporting that wonderful person! Many remaining in the loop so they can even gather more again...

  2. And I find it quite curious that all of Louise's tweets have been deleted.