Saturday, May 30, 2020

Setting the Record Straight

For the record, I have never had anything positive or supportive to say about Rudy Giuliani's corrupt, ex-con buddy, Bernie Kerik.

So if you see someone pushing this bullshit on Twitter, you might want to question their motives.

You might also want to question the motives of people who trash Russia experts with years of counterintelligence expertise, working for the National Security Agency.

If you go after John Schindler, you better be able to back yourself the fuck up.

And getting booted off Schindler's "The Spy Brief" for stirring up trouble doesn't count.


  1. Sure miss your input, Chris. Hope you're still alive and not crazy or sick. ❤️

  2. And getting booted off Schindler's "The Spy Brief" for stirring up trouble doesn't count.

    Yeah not sure what I said to piss The Spy Brief off but I got booted.

  3. Where you at brother? Hope all is well

  4. Miss you on Twitter, already......stay safe and sane!!

  5. Hey, invitation to Scotland still stands. How can I get you my contact info safely?

  6. twitterverse is just not making sense anymore. It's breaking down.
    Been a steady and constructive follow of certain people for several years. Then blocked for stating that I couldn't see the post of someone they retweeted bc I was blocked from that person.

    eric garland retweeted dr dena grayson.
    I asked what it was bc she had blocked me about 3 yrs ago when I asked why her husband had voted against Ukraine aid. It's a legit question and she could've offered an explanation.
    I wake up this morning to find that eric had blocked me for saying this... So many insightful people are pointing out moments of horseshoes, but that is what twitter has become and as a result it's causing unnecessary division and blocking of people who were part of a constructive community.
    It's just frustrating to see what has been happening to it. There's no civil discourse. You can only amplify what's been said.