Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Mainstream Media and the Endless Loop of Disinformation: There is No Such Thing as Media Accountability

I know my title sounds a bit conspiratorial, so let me qualify it a bit.

The media has its favorite influencers, pundits, and talking heads. In many cases, the producers, editors and executives who promote them don't know who they're promoting. In most cases, they simply don't give a f*ck either way.

And this is why the airwaves continue to flood our consciousness with the same messages, nearly always at least slightly off target (if not completely off target), 24/7.  We get watered-down reality...Truth's sloppy seconds.

Case in point...the media is STILL pretending that Ilhan Omar is legit, when she couldn't be more obviously NOT legit.

Partly in the interest of self-preservation, the intelligence community and federal law enforcement have some limited tools at their disposal in order to prevent full-on subversion by nefarious actors.  It's called "Counterintelligence".  Most of those people I have spoken with who are associated with the intelligence community would prefer heftier counterintelligence funding.  I wholeheartedly agree with them.

We have seen, even recently, how effectively counterintelligence operations protect our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Unfortunately, there exists no such mechanism in the media.  The media has little interest in providing consumers with 100% accuracy.  The incentive isn't truth in reporting, it's ratings.

If you're under the impression that Fox News is the only news outlet that benefits from the toxicity of Donald Trump's almost daily rants, then you're missing the point altogether.

The information we receive via the big media conglomerates is filtered (watered-down) through the neverending quest for higher ratings.  And Trump outrage is just as profitable as Trump promotion...probably moreso.

Going back to Ilhan Omar and her phony battles with the far right, the mainstream media brought us outrage culture.  And the profits are way too high to turn back now.  Outrage culture wouldn't be such a problem if it didn't have such grave national security consequences.

So this morning I noticed that "Barry Diller" is trending on Twitter.

Let me be honest here.  I don't give a damn about Barry Diller other than to track his associations with figures deeply embedded in transnational organized crime.

It isn't even that Diller is wrong about Trump.  The point is this:

How is Diller all that different than Trump?

Why is Diller granted a soapbox when his media empire thrives on Trump outrage...which helps Trump more than it harms him?

What I'm driving at is this...

Why do we have to accept the shit sandwich of the media replacing one scumbag with another?

For those who don't understand what I'm driving at, I suggest you read my UNICEF thread in order to get your mind around the kind of people Barry Diller cavorts with.  We're talking about the same network of people Jeffrey Epstein was embedded with.  If you don't understand the nature of the network I am laying out here, I can't help you.

On a personal level, I'm incredibly disappointed with the media.  They told us all that anti-Trumpism is enough.

It ISN'T enough.

We must ask ourselves WHY we dislike Trump.  If it's because he's a right-winger, you're getting it wrong.  If it's because Trump is corrupt, incompetent, and dangerous to American democracy, you're getting it right.

Honestly, it makes no sense to demonize Trump and promote Barry Diller.  They're the same, only Diller is more competently corrupt.  And if you're doing so, you either really don't understand media powerstructures or you don't care.

We, as media consumers, must demand more than the simple binaries the media presents us with.

We must demand better than that.

If we truly want to clean this mess up, WE must become the media's counterintelligence unit.


  1. Thank you Chris for reinforcing my take.
    I have no where near the capability of your prose.
    Spot on!

    1. Very kind of you.

      Thank you!

      Nice to see you again!

    2. Chris I'm not sure how you feel about us retweeting info posted on this site? I started to but thought I'd ask first. thank you.

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    1. We can thank Dr. Stroop for that, along with her enablers over at Twitter.