Friday, April 3, 2020

No, Dr. Stroop. You Don't Quite Understand.

You must delete ALL Defamatory tweets, Dr. Stroop, including this one:

Unfortunately for you, I have archived everything.

So if you want to avoid seeing me in a courtroom, you're going to need to rocket through your timeline and start hitting the delete button with every single one of your bullshit "harrassment" claims concerning both ME and my friends.

Just imagine the insights to be gained by subpoenaing all of your correspondence with Sarah Kendzior, etc.

I don't want to see my name anywhere on your goddamned timeline or I will fucking see you in court.

Or, do nothing and we'll go through legal Discovery together, Dr. Stroop.

Better decide quick, Dr. Stroop.  I'm an impatient man.

- Christopher A. Nethery


  1. Apparently I have received my first block...from Dr. Stroop. You are missed.

  2. Sorry you got booted again. If you decide to come back, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Our friend in common is @graygeek401.

    Be safe my friend.

  3. Ginger beard shoulda been a clue🤣