Thursday, May 9, 2019


So I thought I might take this opportunity to explain, once again, why running off to The Intercept with classified information is such an incredibly dumbshit idea.

On Twitter, we have been referring to The Intercept as The Putincept FOR YEARS.  Mainly, because you would have to have failed the first grade four or five times to misunderstand the narrative arc of their material.  And if that isn't enough, a simple background check of Omidyar's business partner, Glenn Greenwald, would suffice.

Yeah, Greenwald. He was the shady guy who worked with Ed Snowden, communicating with Russian military intelligence electronically, trying to figure out which stolen documents were worth altering, before publication on the Internet.  Oh...and in the 1990s, Greenwald represented the Neo-Nazi cult called "The World Church of the Creator" that was laundering Russian money.

So about The Intercept, for the dimwits...


Do you really think a mob/Russian intelligence front like The Intercept can afford to take that kind of risk?

The Intercept does OPS.

Is it starting to sink in yet?

Reality Winner should have perhaps learned similar life lessons and become a pole dancer instead of an NSA contractor, like her parents wanted.

Potential leakers: Today's story wasn't a walk-in.

Here endeth the lesson.

Added footnote (Thank you Kitten!):

Some information on the attorney of the latest Intercept groupie...

Sigh...And I REALLY Liked Harry

You can just imagine how pleased MI5/MI6 are about all of Harry's friends who are linked with transnational organized crime...

BTW, can someone do me a favor?

Can someone find me a client of Amal Clooney who isn't either a GRU or mob asset? Because I'm really trying hard to find one.

Want a few more leads?

George Clooney's vodka company miracle...
George Clooney and the Weinstein Company...Doth protest too much...
George Clooney and Jeffrey Katzenberg...Nothing to see here...
What do these "A-Listers" have in common?
How nice.
Who was Matt Damon's next door neighbor growing up, Howard Zinn?
Jennifer McCarthy and anti-vaxing...the Oprah Network...

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Crazier Side of Information Warfare

This morning I woke up to the familiar buffoonery of Jacob Wohl on my Google News list.

Far be it from me to allow a teaching opportunity to pass by, unexploited.

What might surprise you is the simple elegance and surprising effectiveness of Wohl's shenanigans.  It is detailed in this clever propaganda piece in the Daily Beast that, regardless of its intentions (which I question), ensures that a wider audience is psy-oped:

1) Wohl and his spokesman Jack Burkman set up a press conference to, in the author's words, "push a baseless sexual assault smear against Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg"

2) Wohl is caught, red-handed, staging a phony counter protest, organized by way of creating an Eventbrite page attached to his own email address

So my question is for you, my readers.  After you read the Daily Beast article, how do you feel about Jacob Wohl?

MORE IMPORTANTLY, how do you feel about Pete Buttigieg?

The article suddenly boosted Pete Buttigieg's street credibility, didn't it?

This is perhaps one of the clearest, best examples of how phony opposition is used in the media with astounding efficiency in order to influence public perception.  The principle is widely used by Russian military intelligence, but has also become a hallmark of various entities associated with transnational organized crime.  Having vetted Jacob Wohl, I'm inclined to say it's quite possibly a combination of both.