Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Media Has Egg On Their Faces: Barr Hasn't Been Acting in Good Faith, Which Was Painfully Obvious

While many watched Barr's media press conference this morning as a depressing state of affairs, I was entertained.

Aside from Barr's multiple references to "no collusion", a Trump favorite, I personally counted at least two other familiar bullet-points that I know the Russians themselves love to use.

To my delight, and despite the numerous redactions in Mueller's report, the general spirit of the report was pretty clear...400+ pages of Trump and people associated with Trump interacting with Russians, from seeking to personally benefit from the construction of a Trump hotel in Russia to discussions by Trump's son with members of high-ranking Russian government officials.

Conspiracy is a difficult concept to prove, legally.  But Mueller doesn't let Trump off the hook.  Instead, what we see is page after page after page of evidence, creating a collective mountain of evidence.

A few of my favorite points...


See for yourself:

Read it. You'll see what I mean. Mueller doesn't exonerate Trump.  Not even CLOSE.

And there's no mention of the separate counterintelligence investigation, which is ongoing, and has never ceased since it first began in 2014.

Barr was sugar-coating.  The media needs to stop playing games and admit they screwed up...AGAIN.

So what needs to happen next?

Congress needs to subpoena Mueller's testimony.  Moreover, Congress needs to ask Mr. Mueller if he was prevented by Mr. Barr from indicting Mr. Trump and others.

In any situation, take a deep breathe, hunker down and let's finish what we started here.

Trump ain't winning. Not by a LONGSHOT.


  1. YES!!!!! Thank you for saying this. Will shout it from the mountaintops if I can.

  2. Replies
    1. In the end, Truth and Justice are going to prevail.

      We are fighting for the soul of America.

      And I can't think of anything more worth fighting for.

  3. I would also like for Congress to determine if Mueller was genuinely finished with the investigation, or if he was pressured into wrapping up...

    1. Oh, EXCELLENT point!


      If I were Mueller, I'd be PISSED AS HELL right now.

  4. Excellentwork and well written as always. Ellyn

  5. Thanks Chris, I'm angry as hell right now with this and Brexit. Mueller testimony is so needed. We have to hear the voice of honesty, the truth spoken from the mouth of integrity, the story from a place of honour. We'll find all we seek from him alone,the world will stop to listen and the game will be changed forever.

  6. Thank you!! Been a busy day and haven’t had time time yet to read the full report but always looking forward to and appreciate your take-always on everything! Thanks Chris! You really make me feel like this all hasn’t been for nothing! Appreciate and thank you for your work as always!

    1. My pleasure!

      We're getting ever closer to victory.

      Can you smell it?


  7. Thanks Chris, have missed your tweets so much. Thank goodness you have this site to share your thoughts with us. Any idea how long you will be suspended for? Hopefully not long. We need you back on Twitter! Have a great day! @JustFacts_Madam

    1. I'm permanently banned.

      They have taken great pains to prevent me from getting back on.