Thursday, April 4, 2019

Lying Through Omission: Welcome to 2019 and the Failure of the Mainstream Media

I'm sure a lot of my readers are, as I am, sick to death of the media's failure to accurately report the truth.

This morning, I spotted an article that just sent me over the edge, because it's fluff:

Venezuela CRISIS: The reasons behind the Venezuelan economy’s COLLAPSE explained

In short, there are no reasons provided in this article, just flat-out bullshit.

No mention of the fact that Maduro (and Chavez before him) are/were Cuban/Russian narco-puppet dictators.

No mention of the fact that Venezuela's military is in the cocaine production/trafficking business.

No mention of anything that really helps explain what's really happening in Venezuela.

I'm tired of the lies. And I'm tired of incompetent or deeply compromised journalists spinning the facts for unwitting Western audiences.

So let's explain a few things.

Venezuela is in the control of the Cuban government, with backup assistance from the Russians and, to some extent, the Chinese.

Chavez created the gasoline subsidies, which allowed the Venezuelan military to purchase gasoline at roughly $0.10 per gallon.  Of course, someone has to pay for the gasoline, despite Chavez' imaginary Socialist yearnings.  That would be the Venezuelan people themselves.

Why is this important?

Because gasoline is a key component required for the production of cocaine.

It takes 65-265 gallons of gasoline to produce one kilogram of cocaine hydrochloride (still checking my notes to track down the source of this information).

Cocaine trafficking by the Venezuelan government can be traced back at least as far as 2002.

Venezuela's cocaine trafficking has reached such absurd proportions that President Maduro's own nephews were convicted of cocaine trafficking in 2016, after having been apprehended with a plane-ful of cocaine in Haiti the previous year.  Yet the media still chooses to play games and deflect from the actual issue, choosing instead to debate "Socialism".

Western media, particularly the Cuban government aligned Democracy Now has long touted Central and South America's cocainistas as "Bolivarian Revolutionaries", most often for the consumption of the unwitting political far left.

Chavez' daughter, with a reputed net worth of $4 billion (a data point usually floated by rightwing media, presumably so that no one takes it seriously), still lives in the same upscale neighborhood in Caracas as her father's successor, Nicol├ís Maduro.

In short, Venezuela's manhandlers, Cuba and Russia, determined that Venezuela's +/- $78 billion petroleum market was worth substantially more (roughly $388 billion), if they used the nation's petroleum reserves to manufacture and traffic cocaine, instead.

SHAME ON THE MEDIA for lying to us by omission.

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