Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Which Dumbshit in the Mainstream Media Started the Rumor That It's Game Over?

Have you noticed how quickly the media jumped at the chance to accept Barr's statement concerning Mueller's investigation?

Over at CNN, as early as Saturday morning, the word had somehow gotten out that CNN would be promoting the "no collusion" tagline, a full day before Barr's letter to members of Congress.

With a heavy dose of Havana Ted (that's Ted Cruz...get it?), CNN was already pumping the narrative by the time people began waking up Saturday morning and checking the news.

I doubt I was the only person who caught this.

The intelligence community, including the intelligence agencies of TWENTY NINE NATIONS, who have been working tirelessly on what equates to the largest comprehensive counterintelligence investigation in human history, no doubt noticed the same.

And, if you missed it, the FBI made it clear this afternoon, with their data dump, that Trump has been on their radar since at least 1986.

So, in unbridled fashion, the trolls have come out of the woodwork, with their defamatory hitpieces against some of my friends.  I, myself, have had to archive defamation aimed at myself that Twitter has deemed I cannot defend myself from, outside a court of law.  Unfortunately for Twitter, if it goes to court, they will also be appearing, of that you may be certain.

While I have noticed that some people are feeling confused and hopeless, I have a different view.

Unless I have been living in some sort of strange, psychotic vacuum over the past few years, my ADHD-ridden brain has noted all of the tell-tale signs of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation.  Throughout the past few years, I have even personally witnessed surveillance by some of the craziest groups of people you can possibly imagine.  From the Qataris to the Venezuelans, to AQ, Golden Dawn, Hezbollah, and many others.

I have also witnessed countersurveillance.  At least once, I even witnessed AGGRESSIVE countersurveillance.  THAT was a trip, let me tell you.  But I digress.

FBI's data dump today tells us a few things.

1) The FBI has had reason to maintain a file on the Trump organization for QUITE some time
2) The Trump organization is involved with casinos on Indian reservations (YUUUUUUUUGE)
3) There seems to be something VERY interesting about the wiring inside Trump Towers
4) Trump-related counterintelligence investigations, which Barr made *NO* mention of, CONTINUE

As more data comes in and as I analyze it, I will expound on these points and add more.

Gotta catch some Z's.

All the best, folks!  And sharpen your weapons. This fight is only just beginning.


  1. Love you, Chris. We miss you on the Twitter!

  2. Thank you chris. Its been a tiring few days. Had to tune out the premature gloating. Your perspective/reminder is appreciated.felt a bit like a qanon dope for a short while.

    1. No worries!

      BTW, the most important thing about Qanon, which looks like a mob/GRU co-production, is that they've established themselves as conspiracy theorists.

      So now they're very effective at poisoning the water by *TELLING A LOT OF TRUTHS*.

      This is the Alex Jones model as well.

      Allow me to give an example:

      By attacking the Parkland kids as "crisis actors", if you vet the kids involved in "March for Your Lives" and point out how their parents connect with the Russian mob, you're immediately attacked as a conspiracy theorist, just like Qanon.

      Clever, isn't it?

  3. Fun fact: Marilyn Monroe was mistress of mobster Sam Giancana, and the Kennedys.

    Fun Fact: when Marilyn's former home was remodeled in the late 70s/early 80s,the then owner discovered a sophisticated 1960s era,surveillance system buried in its walls.