Saturday, March 9, 2019

Scott Stedman: The Lamest Among the Phony Opposition Grifters

Rule Number One:

Rule Number Two:

If you're dumb enough to violate rule number one, make sure public corruption isn't a family legacy.  (That's "Daddy", BTW)

Rule Number Three:

If you still choose to disregard rules one and two, be sure never to promote other phony opposition grifters, like Gregg Schneider, the son of convicted crook Howard Schneider, a guy who had, ahem, a lot of links to people involved in organized crime.

Rule Number Four:

Do some background checking on Skyhorse publishing.

Mob. Money-laundering. Whataboutism. Anti-Americanism. And a host of other phonies, such as Alex Jones' money-laundering buddy, Malcolm Nance.

Thus endeth the lesson.

And people...PLEASE vet the people you follow and promote on social media.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for all you do (e.g. connecting Stedman Senior to his son.)
    As warned, many of us are now being especially vigilant on the 'please vet who you promote and follow.' Of course, reminders are good!
    Chris, we miss you on Twitter, but glad your thoughts are still available here.
    Could you explain the Star Is Born/mob comment?