Friday, March 29, 2019

In Case You Were Worried About the DOJ's Commitment to Battling Transnational Organized Crime and Public Corruption

So THIS just happened...

Here's the headliner...

But here's the really interesting part...

A potential maximum penalty of LIFE IMPRISONMENT, if convicted!!!

I know folks are really bad-mouthing the Department of Justice right now.  But do you know what none of these naysayers are talking about?

None of them are talking about the ongoing counterintelligence investigation.

Do you think maybe some loudmouths in the media are about to eat crow?

Because I do.

You Don't Understand Alex Jones and Qanon: A Quick Primer

Guess what?

Information warfare is *complicated*.

It can't be explained in five minutes by some triggered journalist who took one or two Sociology classes at Columbia or Georgetown, their freshman or sophomore year.

I think most of us have seen the conspiracy theory bullsh*t from Alex Jones and his entertainingly absurd website, "Infowars".  Fewer have seen the conspiracy theory drivel of Qanon.  But many of my readers have.

I need to point out something here, because it's *REALLY* important.

Alex Jones and Qanon have taken great pains to ESTABLISH themselves as conspiracy theorists.

Yes. You heard me. They WANT to be thought of as conspiracy theorists. That ought to be painfully obvious by now.  If you don't understand this point, you simply don't understand their purpose.

But WHY? THAT is the question.

I assume most of my readers are familiar with the phrase "trust-washing".  Trust-washing is the process of building public trust in a media or social media personality who seeks to disinform the public by disseminating disinformation.

For example, let's say you want to prop up the profile of a particular Twitter account, so you can later use that account to mislead people once that account has, say, half a million followers.  You would feed that account juicy intelligence, while portraying the account as #NeverTrump.  The account accumulates a large following on Twitter.  Once the account has reached half a million followers, the account slowly leads their followers away from the target.  That's *CLASSIC* trust-washing.

Think of Alex Jones and Qanon as the opposite of trust-washing.  Think of them, in fact, as "anti" trust-washers.

So, yes, one of their purposes is to gain the trust of the far right.  But that's only part of the story.  What's really important to understand is that, having established themselves as rightwing conspiracy theorists, WHATEVER THEY SAY, GOING FORWARD, IS FLAT-OUT REJECTED BY THE LEFTWING.

Allow me to give you an example...

Ever wonder why Alex Jones attacks the Bilderberg Group?

More importantly, have you ever VETTED the Bilderberg Group?  You're going to find some of the biggest players in transnational organized crime.  But if you start going after the Bilderberg Group publicly you sound CRAAAAAAAAAZY.

Get it?  They totally poison the water, so that a rational discussion cannot possibly occur with regard to certain topics.  This insulates bad actors from any objective criticism/analysis.  In a politically polarized environment, you begin to see the effectiveness of the strategy.

I had the misfortune of following the Parkland shootings and the aftermath very closely.  Before I had even seen Qanon's ramblings about the March for Your Lives kids and "crisis acting", I had already vetted them.  More importantly, I vetted their parents.  I'm not going to get into the ugly details of what I discovered.  But what I found was pretty disturbing.  Over the past few years of doing this, it was probably the discovery that most disturbed me.  When I began to try to explain, for example, the father of Cameron Kasky and his off-the-charts ties to Russian organized crime, I was relentlessly attacked--mostly by well-meaning people.

Maybe there was just a little irony in Anderson Cooper's post-Parkland shooting interview with the daughters of Michael Sucher, the President and CEO of AK-47 manufacturer Century Arms International.

I don't want this article to become an ideological tit-for-tat, so I hope I have explained my point here. Don't shoot the messenger. But, PLEASE, think about what I'm telling you here and do a little background checking yourself.

But don't you love the irony in the name of Alex Jones' website?


Only it's Alex Jones who's waging it.  And he's obviously had some serious training in information warfare.  He's not as crazy as he'd like you to think he is.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

How Not to Advance White Supremacy: A Tutorial That Will Be Ignored Because It Means You Can't Yell About Angry White Guys, Part Four

Some of you have seen this today...

And just in case your eyes are popping out of your head in disbelief...

YES. We're talking about white supremacists smuggling Mexican illegal aliens into the United States.  It shouldn't be especially surprising at this late date.

After all, this is my point.

This is 2019.  There are no more freedom fighters.  There is no longer such thing as ideological purity, as far as radical rightwing or leftwing groups are concerned.  White Nationalist groups are now merely organized criminal enterprises with a cover story.  You'll find the same or similar among radical far left groups.  This is the face of transnational organized crime, which our rudderless journos seem so unwilling to either comprehend or share with the rest of us.

Anyway, how many people in the West are familiar with the flag of Novorossiya (New Russia), the confederation proposed by Russian military forces and pro-Russian separatists in the Crimea?

It looks kind of familiar, doesn't it?

Here's a Russian intelligence officer in occupied Crimea, whose name I now forget, riding in an armored vehicle sporting the Novorossiya flag:

Only, that isn't the flag of Novorossiya he's wearing on his shoulder.

That's the flag of Dixieland. That's the Confederate flag.

I gather that this Russian intelligence officer likes trolling.

For my part, so do I. Go suck it Yuri, or whatever your name is.

You may have read John Schindler's excellent article about the Christchurch shooter, including his apparent interest in Serbian Nationalism.

I know the Balkans are really Schindler's area of expertise, so I hope he'll forgive me for adding a bit more of my own perspective.

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame is a Serbian black comedy and antiwar film which came out in 1996.

The film is intriguing on multiple fronts, not the least of which is Marko's (character in the film) Confederate flag and the historically accurate references to "Serbia to Tokyo", which I will leave to my readers to further explore.

The film is not a rallying cry for Serbian Nationalism, but there are some who have intentionally taken pieces of the film out of context. "Serbia to Tokyo" is an inside joke in some parts of Russia.

But my point in bringing up the film is to make a point about the cultures of both transnationalism and transnational organized crime.

Culture?  Transnational organized crime has a culture?

I would argue that it is impossible, in a world where we interact with each other across national borders, for cultures not to rub off.

I don't know if Chinese soldiers singing Serbian war songs is the result of transnationalism or transnational organized crime, but wouldn't it have to be one of the two?

Coming up in Part Five:

Terry Nichols and the Oklahoma City bombing

TODAY'S WINNERS: America's Best Phony Trump Opposition

COMING: You DON'T Understand the Parkland Shootings

This one's gonna get ugly, folks, so I have to apologize ahead of time.

You come to my website because you want the truth.

So please don't shoot the messenger.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Which Dumbshit in the Mainstream Media Started the Rumor That It's Game Over?

Have you noticed how quickly the media jumped at the chance to accept Barr's statement concerning Mueller's investigation?

Over at CNN, as early as Saturday morning, the word had somehow gotten out that CNN would be promoting the "no collusion" tagline, a full day before Barr's letter to members of Congress.

With a heavy dose of Havana Ted (that's Ted Cruz...get it?), CNN was already pumping the narrative by the time people began waking up Saturday morning and checking the news.

I doubt I was the only person who caught this.

The intelligence community, including the intelligence agencies of TWENTY NINE NATIONS, who have been working tirelessly on what equates to the largest comprehensive counterintelligence investigation in human history, no doubt noticed the same.

And, if you missed it, the FBI made it clear this afternoon, with their data dump, that Trump has been on their radar since at least 1986.

So, in unbridled fashion, the trolls have come out of the woodwork, with their defamatory hitpieces against some of my friends.  I, myself, have had to archive defamation aimed at myself that Twitter has deemed I cannot defend myself from, outside a court of law.  Unfortunately for Twitter, if it goes to court, they will also be appearing, of that you may be certain.

While I have noticed that some people are feeling confused and hopeless, I have a different view.

Unless I have been living in some sort of strange, psychotic vacuum over the past few years, my ADHD-ridden brain has noted all of the tell-tale signs of an ongoing counterintelligence investigation.  Throughout the past few years, I have even personally witnessed surveillance by some of the craziest groups of people you can possibly imagine.  From the Qataris to the Venezuelans, to AQ, Golden Dawn, Hezbollah, and many others.

I have also witnessed countersurveillance.  At least once, I even witnessed AGGRESSIVE countersurveillance.  THAT was a trip, let me tell you.  But I digress.

FBI's data dump today tells us a few things.

1) The FBI has had reason to maintain a file on the Trump organization for QUITE some time
2) The Trump organization is involved with casinos on Indian reservations (YUUUUUUUUGE)
3) There seems to be something VERY interesting about the wiring inside Trump Towers
4) Trump-related counterintelligence investigations, which Barr made *NO* mention of, CONTINUE

As more data comes in and as I analyze it, I will expound on these points and add more.

Gotta catch some Z's.

All the best, folks!  And sharpen your weapons. This fight is only just beginning.

Matthew Sturdahl, I See You.

Better lawyer up, buddy.


Homey don't play that.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

A Reminder...

We don't have Mueller's report.

We have one man's summary (including multiple discrepancies) of what Mueller's report supposedly concluded.

The mainstream media, in all of its wisdom, is taking the word of one man, William Barr.

The fight isn't OVER.

The fight has JUST BEGUN.

KEEP CALM: Now the REAL Fight Begins

Don't jump to rash judgments.

Clearly, Congress needs complete access to Mueller's probe, which they will need via lawsuit.

Mueller cannot discuss the contents of his report without a subpoena.

Don't worry, folks.  Keep your cool.

You and I both know that the truth is going to out.



The Mainstream Media is FAILING Us Today

We don't know what is in Robert Mueller's much-awaited report.

What we DO know is that multiple indictments, guilty pleas and sentences have ALREADY been divvied out.

Among them are those handed out to Paul Manafort.

I suggest you all take a moment and read Spicy's well written analysis, including the specific wording.

And please allow me to specifically provide a screenshot...

So keep spinning, media propagandists.

Everyone else? Let's await the report.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Falling Like Dominoes

Lost his security clearance last year.

Shared classified U.S. intelligence with Russian counterintelligence.

Any questions?

A Final Message to Donnie, Before the Mueller Report Changes Everything


And, because I LOOOOOOOOOOVE irony, what could possibly be better than Metallica?

Metallica?  Nevermind. We can talk about Metallica some other time.

Have a great weekend Donnie!

"...Then it comes to be that the soothing light
 At the end of your tunnel
Was just a freight train comin' your way..."

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How Not to Advance White Supremacy: A Tutorial That Will Be Ignored Because It Means You Can't Yell About Angry White Guys, Part Three

History is funny sometimes.

It offers up these rare little glimpses of events that, while happening, make no sense to us.  It is only years later that we begin to understand what those events meant.

If one is objective and wholly unbiased, the greatest secret history has to offer is this:

Truth is much, MUCH stranger than fiction.

Take George Lincoln Rockwell and other members of the American Nazi Party and their several visits with the Nation of Islam.  Many of us have seen the photos, but we never really understood them.

If you're trying to understand all of this from an ideological perspective, i.e. both groups had shared synergies because they're both separatist groups, you're only going to wind up with a cover story.

Cover stories got us where we are now. Cover stories mean taking groups and individuals at their word without bothering to vet them. Cover stories get us into predicaments that take years to correct, if ever, because we never go back and clean up the mess.

I'll give you a really simple example.

This is the guy who won a Pulitzer prize for "exposing" NSA's alleged warrantless surveillance, using n̶o̶n̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶t̶  "anonymous" sources:

Lichtblau also published a book about Operation Paperclip, American fascism and the 200-ish Nazi scientists brought over to the U.S. to help build the space program (please don't waste your hard-earned money), yet somehow forgot to even once mention the 2000-ish Nazi scientists the U.S.S.R. kidnapped and forced into Soviet slave labor.

And yet, self-proclaimed journalists are still talking about warrantless surveillance.

We don't often like the truth. We prefer to believe that conspiracies don't really exist, unless the boogeyman is the U.S. government. And we like to pick and choose which facts are worth highlighting.

Allow me to share a couple more bedtime stories.  First, let's talk about Anders Behring Breivik. Remember him? He's the Norwegian far-right terrorist who set off a bomb near Norway's parliament building, killing eight people, then murdered 69 more people at a Norwegian summer camp with an assault-style rifle.

I'm not going to tell you HOW Breivik built his bomb, but I am going to tell you that the man is not nearly bright enough to have figured out how to build it on his own.  Moreover, his methods are traceable to one Cold War era Soviet front group and a WMD program aided by the Soviets.

In her book One of Us : the Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway, Asne Seierstad explains how Breivik became involved in an Eastern European dating service and traveled to Belarus in order to find himself a "mail-order" bride, yet all of his acquaintances knew he was a homosexual.  He never wound up getting married. The woman he met moved to the midwestern United States and became the organist for a Lutheran church.  Eastern European dating services are notorious for the fact that they're commonly tied to both Russian intelligence and transnational organized crime. Breivik's trip to Belarus would have been the perfect opportunity to receive professional training.

At the time of the bombing, the anti-fracking movement was sweeping across Europe (yeah, anti-fracking) and Gerhard Schröder's Nordstream won. The headquarters for Norway's Statoil (now called Equinor) is just across the street from the parliament building that Breivik blew up in Oslo.

The same month Breivik's bombing occurred, the creation of the Knights Templar drug cartel was announced.

Breivik and the co-founder of the Knights Templar drug cartel, Servando Gómez Martínez, were both obsessed with the 2007 Swedish film, ARN: The Knight Templar. Brievik's iconic imagery, which has definite similarities to the imagery used by Brenton Harrison Tarrant, was taken from that film.

Please stick around. There's plenty more to come in Part Four...

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How Not to Advance White Supremacy: A Tutorial That Will Be Ignored Because It Means You Can't Yell About Angry White Guys, Part Two

So now it's time for a little history lesson that no one is really going to like.

As I have mentioned before, "White Nationalism" is a fancy buzz-phrase but I don't think people really understand the bigger picture.

If people took a closer look, they might be confused about why Alex Jones and Louis Farrakhan have found common ground.

Where did the Nation of Islam come from? And what is it?

Most people have never heard the name Ryōhei Uchida, but he was a Japanese ultra-nationalist who founded the Kokuryūkai, also known as the Black Dragon Society or Amur River Society.  Uchida founded the Black Dragon Society in 1901, following his return home to Japan, having lived in Siberia for several years.

The stated purpose of the Black Dragon Society was to thwart Russian expansionism in East Asia, specifically the prevention of the spread of Russian influence south of the Amur River.

A shadowy organization, the Kokuryūkai was very closely associated with the Japanese organized crime organization known as the Yakuza.  Moreover, the Kokuryūkai became Nationalist Japan's espionage arm during WWII, and was forced to disband in 1946, according to the terms of our armistice with Japan.

During the 1930s, the Black Dragon Society's subversive efforts in the United States were in full tilt.  During this time, they seed-funded two notable organizations...

(Source: War Without Mercy: Race and power in the Pacific War, John W. Dower, New York, Pantheum, 1986, pp: 174-175.)

Can you guess what purpose the Nation of Islam's prison outreach program serves?  It doesn't take too much imagination.

Additional Reading:
Kempei Tai: A History of the Japanese Secret Service, by Richard Deacon
Yakuza: The Explosive Account of Japan's Criminal Underworld, by David E. Kaplan and Alec Dubro

The Double Patriots: A Study in Japanese Nationalism, by Richard Storry

Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan, by Jake Edelstein

Anyway, you may recall the name "Robert Miles".  Remember him? He was a member of the All Russian Fascist Organization, in his youth.  You probably remember him for his activities later in life and his associations with the Aryan Nations.

As far as the Yakuza is concerned, that's the organization that Nina Kouprianova, who is fluent in both Russian and Japanese, seems to have an infatuation with.

You may know her by her Twitter alias, "Nina Byzantina", or by her numerous selfies that communicate, in their own way, that she's definitely not using the product.

Whoops, I almost forgot...

She's also the b̶̷e̶̷a̶̷r̶̷d̶̷  wife of Richard Spencer, which Sarah Kendzior really never talked about while she was almost single-handedly raising Richard Spencer's social media presence to cult media personality levels, when no one had ever heard of him before.

By "product", what am I referring to?

Weird, right?

White Nationalism, North Korea, amphetamines...

North Korea? Weren't we just talking about North Korea?

It's beginning to look like "White Nationalism" might mean something else, don't you think?

Stay tuned.  MUCH more to come in Part Three.

Russian Collusion Takes Less Than Five Minutes to Find on Google News

That anyone is denying Russian collusion at this point is farcical, at best.

Every morning, I jump on Google News to see the latest headlines and Russian collusion rears its ugly head in mere minutes--often mere seconds.

Take this headline this morning...

Having done what I do for years now, I rolled my eyes, rolled up my shirt sleeves and began researching William F. Marshall.

The first thing I found is that Mr. Marshall works as a "researcher" at Judicial Watch.

Let's talk about Judicial Watch for a moment...

Judicial Watch is often portrayed as a "Conservative watchdog" organization. This is not entirely true.  Until Donald Trump occupied the Oval Office, Judicial Watch was an organization that dug up dirt on every presidential administration currently in office.

I mean, does this strike you as Conservative?...

But what Judicial Watch does (exceedingly well, I would add) is procure U.S. government documents via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

They do this SO well, in fact, that they receive the exact documents they are looking for, close to 100% of the time.  For anyone familiar with the process of FOIA requests, this is actually...IMPOSSIBLE.

That is, unless you happened to have knowledge of the existence of said document(s) ahead of time.  Who would have the means, opportunity and motive to accomplish this?  Can you think of no one?

Well folks, I CAN.

That would be the Russian SVR, folks.

The Russian SVR have their tendrils solidly embedded in the machinations of Beltway bureaucracy.  And as we already know, the Russians aren't shy about using every opportunity to spin and obfuscate Washington politics to their own advantage.

Anyway, back to William F. Marshall...

Aside from Mr. Marshall's history of publishing articles for the Birchers (eyeroll), he has some interesting items on his LinkedIn profile.

Among other things, we see an endorsement from Yuri Adashkevich, who Mr. Marshall apparently worked with in 1994...

Of course, this was while Louis Freeh was Director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation. You may recall that Freeh pushed REALLY HARD for the U.S. government to coordinate counterterrorism and anti-corruption efforts with Russian authorities (eyeroll).

More recently, and perhaps to demonstrate the extent of his deep patriotism for America, Louis Freeh chose to become a dual citizen of both Italy and the United States.

Here's Yuri Adashkevich's LinkedIn profile, if you're interested...

I've included a few more links to William F. Marshall's publications here, if you're interested, but I think I've made my point:

People who are still arguing Russian collusion is a myth are really annoying.  Ignore the BS and stay the course.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Place Your Bets Now: Who Wants to Bet Against Me?

I'm setting aside $100 in support of the idea that U.S. Representative Steve King is on the payroll of Cuban intelligence.

Anyone want to bet against me?

I'll make it worth your while.

I'll throw in an additional $100 in support of the idea that Soledad O'Brien is ALSO on Dirección de Inteligencia's payroll.

Come on, folks.

Easy money.

NBC's Religion: Identity Politics is Blinding People From Understanding the Truth

So I noticed this article from NBC this morning...

Why is NBC pathologically incapable of understanding that this is the mob, cleaning up loose ends?

Have you still not figured out what Ferguson was all about?

It still hasn't clicked that dirty Ferguson cops were WORKING WITH dirty Ferguson activists?

Are there any investigative journalists left at NBC?

It's too late in the game to be getting this wrong.

Shame on you, NBC.  Pull your heads out of your collective asses and read up on how our enemies game Horseshoe theory: