Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Rules of Information Warfare: The Left Doesn't Understand How the Game is Played. And It's KILLING Us, Part One

Follow along with me, if you dare.  I want to explain the rules of the current information war we’re neck deep in.  But follow carefully, because you won’t understand it if you believe that either Conservatism or Liberalism is the problem, because neither is.

You must take a step back and forget about your favorite pet political causes if you want to wrap your mind around it.

So allow me to state a few key facts first. I will expound on these bulletpoints in Part Two:

1) Information war is neither a rightwing or leftwing phenomenon.  It is based upon the age-old concept of “Divide and Conquer”. The modus operandi is POLITICAL POLARIZATION.

Our enemy gains traction by way of propagating absolutes.

How it works:

     A) Convince the rightwing that all Liberals are Communistic, babykilling emotional basketcases who want to eliminate the second amendment.

     B) Convince the leftwing that all Conservatives are fascistic, racist, pedophiles and stop all immigration.

This is the most important concept in information warfare.

Frame every divisive issue as a political dialectic. In this way, you can get both sides to back REALLY bad ideas, because they're disguised as ideological platitudes.

2) Everyone who's paying attention would agree that the GOP has become *VERY* corrupt, having sold out to the Russians and their organized crime affiliates in the U.S.

But people who identify as “Conservative” are *NOT* the GOP.  In fact, it was the disconnect between the GOP and grassroots Conservatives that gave rise to groups like the Tea Party and the alt-Right.  Treating Conservatives like they’re emissaries of the GOP feeds the political polarization the Kremlin is pushing.

Worse yet, the political polarization we see now is giving rise to the EXACT SAME phenomenon on the Left, in the form of the Bernie Sanders/Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez/Kamala Harris/Cory Booker coalition we see forming on the Left. The Left should be wary of ANYONE who has already declared their intention to run in 2020. It's simply too early.

Anybody remember this?

3) So-called “phony opposition” is a fundamental and key principle of Russian and organized criminal subversion.  It is ***IMPOSSIBLE*** for a guy like Trump (with a decades-long history with organized crime) to be elected, without bad actors on the political Left helping make it happen.

4) Russia is a *literal* mafia state, which is part of the reason why they have so much clout with organized crime in the United States.

5) Donald Trump is not a product of Conservatism. Donald Trump is the product of transnational organized crime.

6) Transnational organized crime/Russian intelligence doesn’t CARE whether or not a person is a Democrat or Republican.

7) The mob and their Russian counterparts HAVE the rightwing under their thumb of cognitive dissonance, don’t you think? The REAL disinformation is presently being peddled through phony opposition. That’s where the game is presently focused.

8) The Left does not understand the concept of Reflexive Control theory, which is literally Russian military science:

In other words, the further you steer either the political left further left or the political right further right, the easier it is to control the opposite side, usually through fear and by running emotions amok.

9) Generally speaking, the media is NOT HELPING. Part of the reason for this is because media personalities are no closer to understanding the rules of the game than the rest of the general public.

And some of it is because media venues have become just as corrupt as Mr. Trump. In other words, organized criminal interests have identified how it works to their advantage to subvert the media.

10) If it's trending in social media, 9 times out of 10, it involves a divisive narrative that conveniently allows you to select one  of only two options, forcing you to choose a tribe. You know which side you're going to choose.  DON'T. Don't choose EITHER side. Ignore the distractions.

11) ***VERY important*** The Left does NOT understand conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Qanon.

Understanding that they and others like them are conspiracy theorists IS NOT ENOUGH.

The most important takeaway is that BECAUSE they are conspiracy theorists they poison the water with reckless abandon. In other words, when they DO tell the truth (or partially tell the truth), no one will listen. It means that they insulate bad actors on the LEFT by attacking them.

In part two, I will further break down and expound on these ten points.

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  1. I think you'd get farther, be understood better and be more accurate by using the term center instead of left. I know it's not your intent but it seems you're defining 'left good/right bad'.
    Also, many who were part of the Tea Party movement were some of the first to buy into Trump and Trumpism, unfortunately. They bought into his hype, just as many of them bought into Ron Paul's (often the exact same people). However, there are those who still follow the core message of the TP movement: Taxed Enough Already who are also NeverTrump. They joined the LP or the Constitution Party, became independent or are still trying to reform the GOP/waiting out Trump Inc.
    Glad you're partially back.