Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sources list

I'm presently organizing my sources list and will provide a cleaned up version of the list in bibliographical format, organized by subject matter.

In the mean time, I would recommend any and all of the following sources which, collectively, will help anyone interested in understanding the world as it is, rather than the world as we think it should be:

The Making of A Terrorist vol I.doc
The Threat Closer to Home - Hugo Chavez and the War Against America.docx
The Unravelling of Pakistan.rtf
Stalin's Secret Agents.pdf
Merchant of Death-Money-Guns-Planes-and the Man Who Makes War Possible.doc
German Jihad-On the Internationalization of Islamist Terrorism.doc
The Taliban and the Crisis of Afghanistan.docx
The World Was Going Our Way The KGB and the Battle for the Third World.pdf
Deception-A Tool of Soviet Foreign Policy.pdf
Belorussia 1944--The Soviet Staff Study.pdf
Intel Wars - The Secret History of the Fight against Terror a.docx
Blood From Stones: The Secret Financial Network of Terror.pdf
Zia's Pakistan-Politics and Stability.pdf
Women with mustaches and men without beards gender and.pdf
Yemen the unknown war.docx
Women of Japan and Korea-Continuity and Change.pdf
What the U.S. Can Learn from China.pdf
Was Meiji Taste in Interiors Orientalist.pdf
Wild Swans.docx
What We Won Part 1.pdf
what we won part2.pdf
War College Papers.pdf
Victim, Aggressor, and Leader Hierarchy, War Memory, and Foreign Policy of Postwar Japan.pdf
Venezuela as an Exporter of 4th Generation Warfare Instability.pdf
Venona-Decoding Soviet Espionage in America.rtf
Vanguard Revolutionaries in Latin America.pdf
Vichy France.docx
United State of Jihad - Peter Bergen part2.pdf
'Ubiquitous and unremarked upon''- Militarized prostitution and the American occupations of Japan and.pdf
United State of Jihad - Peter Bergen.pdf
Unintended consequences The US at War.pdf
Under Solomon's Throne.pdf
Uncertain Partners--Stalin+Mao+Korean War a.rtf
Turning Pages - Reading and Writing Women's Magizines in Interwar Japan.pdf
Trial and error 1.pdf
Treasury's War- Juan C. Zarate.pdf
Trends in Outside Support for Insurgent Movements.pdf
Trial and error 2.pdf
Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Criminalized States in Latin America.pdf
Treasury's War- Juan C. Zarate part2.pdf
Tokyo Vice.rtf
Trajectories Inter-Asia Cultural Studies.pdf
To the Distant Observer - Form and Meaning in Japanese Cinema.pdf
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia E.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia H.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia J.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia G.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia B.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia K.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia I.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia F.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia C.docx
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia D.docx
Third Indochina War - Conflict between China, Vietnam and Cambodia, 1972–79.pdf
Tin Mosques and Ghantowns-A History of Afghan Cameldrivers in Australia A.docx
Three Days in the Hermit Kingdom.pdf
Thieves of State.rtf
Time Runs Out in CBI.pdf
The Venona Secrets A.rtf
The Warrior State-Pakistan.pdf
The Venona Secrets B.rtf
The Terrorist Next Door.rtf
The Threat Closer to Home - Hugo Chavez and the War Against America.docx
The trouble with Hideyoshi censoring ukiyo-e and the Ehon Taikoki incident.pdf
The Tragedy of Afghanistan.rtf
The Taliban and the Crisis of Afghanistan.docx
The Spanish Revolution.docx
The Takedown.rtf
the spanish civil war, the soviet union, and Communism.pdf
The Soviet World of American Communism ( Klehr, Haynes & Anderson).pdf
The Shanghai Badlands.pdf
The Siege of Mecca.pdf
The Siege-LeT and the Taj.pdf
The Silk Road.rtf
The Secrets of the FBI.docx
The Shadow Catcher B.docx
The Secret Sentry.docx
The Serbs.pdf
The Secret Armies-KMT Drug Warlords in the Golden T.pdf
The Secret World of American Communism (Klehr, Haynes & Firsov).pdf
The Second World War in the East.pdf
The Rise and Fall of Communism B.rtf
The Russian Fascist.pdf
The review of Korean studies Guest editor's introduction.pdf
The Routledge Companion to Fascism and the Far Right.docx
The review of Korean studies The wartime economy in imperial Japan and the mobilization of munitions in its colony .pdf
The Rise and Fall of Communism A.rtf
The Saddam Tapes.pdf
The review of Korean studies Changes in the manufacturing industry of Korea (1940-1949).pdf
The Poppy and the Acacia.pdf
The PKK - Financial Sources, Social and Political Dimensions.rtf
The Partition of Korea After WWII - A Global History.pdf
The Origins of Nuclear Cooperation--A Critical Oral History.pdf
The nexus international terrorism and drug trafficking from Afghanistan.pdf
The origins of the developmental state in South Korea, 1910-1979.pdf
The Occupation of Iraq.rtf
The Next Wave.rtf
The Nationalist Revolution.djvu
The Merger 1.pdf
The most dangerous place-Imtiaz Gul.pdf
The Merger 2.pdf
The Making of Töjin Construction of the Other in Early Modern Japan.pdf
The Moro War.doc
The Making of Modern Korea.pdf
The Making of Modern Japan.pdf
The Military and Democracy in Indonesia.rtf
The Making of A Terrorist vol II.doc
The Making of A Terrorist vol I.doc
The Laundrymen-Jeffery Robinson.pdf
The Making of A Terrorist III-Root Causes.doc
The Laundrymen-Jeffery Robinson part2.pdf
The ISS Apocalypse-William McCants.pdf
The Korean War - an Annotated Bibliography.pdf
The Islamic Movement in Egypt - Perceptions of International Relations.pdf
The KGB and Soviet disinformation.pdf
The Kingdom of Afghanistan A historical sketch.rtf
The Korean War and the Vietnam War.pdf
The Israeli Secret Services and the Struggle Against Terrorism.pdf
The Great War of Our Time-Michael Morell part2.pdf
The history and characteristics of traditional Korean.pdf
The Hazaras of Afghanistan.rtf
The Heiddiger Controversy - A Critical Reader.rtf
The Great War of Our Time-Michael Morell part1.pdf
The Huk Rebellion.pdf
The Gumilev Mystique.pdf
The Hunt for KSM.pdf
The Gold Standard in Theory and History.pdf
The Great War of Our Time-Michael Morell part1 2.pdf
The Great Terror.pdf
The Future of Pakistan.doc
The first duce d'annunzio.pdf
The good spy.pdf
The Economics of Japanese Imperialism in Korea, 1910-1939.pdf
The Dwarf-a Novel.pdf
The Enemy of My Enemy-Convergence of Mil Islam and Ex Right.doc
The End of the Maoist Era.pdf
The Fall of Afghanistan.rtf
The English Wars and Republic, 1637–1660.pdf
The Deluge by Adam Tooze Part 1.pdf
The Dawn of Modern Korea.pdf
The Divine Wind. Japan's Kamikaze Force in World War II.pdf
The Dark Art.pdf
The Dragon Syndacates.docx
The Dead Hand.pdf
The Chinese at the Negotiating Table- Style & Characteristics By Alfred D. Wilhelm.pdf
The Chief Culprit-Stalins Grand Design to Start World War II.rtf
The Creation of the Oriental Development Company Japanese Illusions Meet Korean Reality.pdf
The crackdown on Yakuza--Evaluation of the anti-Boryokudan (organized crime group) law in Japan.pdf
The Colombian Civil War-Bert Ruiz.rtf
The Chinese Question in Central Asia.pdf
The Cartels A.rtf
The Cartels B.rtf
The Blessed Lens - A History of Italian Cinema.pdf
The Blind Leading the Blind - Soviet Advisors, Counter-Insurgency and Nation Building in Afghanistan.pdf
The Caliphate as Homeland-Hizb ut Tahrir in Denmark and Britain.pdf
The Blind Leading the Blind WP60_Web_Final.pdf
The Canadian Connection.pdf
The Amerasia Spy Case.pdf
The Black Book of Communism.rtf
The Baltic States.djvu
The ‘Iran Crisis’ of 1945-46 - A View from the Russian Archives.pdf
Terrorists in Love.pdf
Task Force Black - Mark Urban part2.pdf
Syncretisim - The Religious Context of Christian Beginnings in Korea.pdf
Task Force Black - Mark Urban part1.pdf
Talibanistan 1.rtf
Talibanistan 2.rtf
Sunshine in Korea.pdf
State Capitalism-part1.pdf
State Terrorism and Political Identity in Indonesia.rtf
Stasi at Home and Abroad.pdf
Storming the World Stage-LeT's Story.pdf
State Capitalism-part2.pdf
Storming the World Stage 2.pdf
Stalin's Last Crime.rtf
Soviet Diplomatic Maneuvers-the Far E-Republic.pdf
Spycraft-The Secret History of CIA Spytechs.rtf
Spy Wars Spies Moles and Deadly Games.rtf
'Sexualized people'' and the Remaking of the Japanese woman.pdf
Shaxson - Treasure Islands; Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens (2011 US version).pdf
So Far From Allah, So close to Mexico.rtf
Small is not Always Beautiful.rtf
Sex Among Allies.pdf
Sandstorm - Libya in a Time of Revolution.rtf
Sacred Secrets.docx
Securing Tyrants or Fostering Reform.pdf
Season of Violence.docx
Russia after Lenin.pdf
Royal Navy Strategy in the Far east-Planning for a war with Japan.pdf
Rusian Policy towards China and Japan under Yeltsin and Putin.pdf
Royal Navy in the Faulklands Conflict.pdf
Rudolf Slansky - His Trials and Trial.pdf
Ritual and Pleasure-Fertility in Tokugawa Japan.pdf
RiseAndFall_ OF DÉTENTE ON the Korean PeninsulaPart2.pdf
RiseAndFall OF DÉTENTE ON the Korean Peninsula_Part1.pdf
RiseAndFall_ OF DÉTENTE ON the Korean Peninsula Part3_0.pdf
Revolution Unending-Afghanistan.rtf
Rethinking the Korean War.pdf
Reto Hoffman - Fascism in Italy and Japan.pdf
Rethinking the Economics of War.pdf
Rethinking the Economics of War - The Intersection of Need, Creed and Greed.pdf
Red Wings over the Yalu.PDF
Reinventing Revolution-Reassessing the revolution in Latin America.pdf
Region and Strategy in Britain and Japan.pdf
Reinventing Russia.pdf
Red Mafiya 2.pdf
Red Horizons.pdf
Red Mafiya 1.pdf
Red Notice.rtf
Reactionary Modernism.pdf
Radical Islam in Central Asia - Between Pen and Sword.pdf
Railroad Technocracy, Extraterritoriality, and Imperial Lieux de Mémoire in Russian Émigrés’ Manchuria, 1920–1930s.pdf
Qatar--Development of an oil economy.doc
Putin's Kleptocracy.docx
Radical, Religious, and Violent-The New Economics of Terrorism.pdf
Prostitution in postwar Japan-Debt and labor.pdf
Political Islam in Southeast Asia-Moderates, Radicals and Terrorists.docx
Playing with Fire.pdf
Pan-Pan Girls and GIs The Japan-U.S. military prostitution system in occupied Japan (1945-1952).pdf
Pakistan's troubled frontier last part.pdf
Partners in Democracy Crafting the New Japanese Democracy Under MacArthur.pdf
Pan Asianism and Japan's War.pdf
Pakistan's Inter-Service's Intelligence Directorate.pdf
Pakistan's troubled frontier.pdf
Pakistan-Between Mosque and Military2.pdf
No good men among the living part2.pdf
Pakistan the Garrison State1.pdf
Pakistan nationalism without a nation-ed. CHRISTOPHER JAFFRELOT PART1.pdf
Pacific Alliance Reviving US Japan Relations.pdf
Pakistan A hard country Part 1.pdf
Pakistan From the Rhetoric of Democracy to the Rise of Militancy.pdf
Pakistan nationalism without a nation-ed. CHRISTOPHER JAFFRELOT PART2.pdf
Pakistan on the Brink-The Future of America, Pakistan and Afghanistan.pdf
Pakistan A hard country-Anatol Lieven Part2.pdf
Pakistan the Garrison State2.pdf
Pakistan Between Mosque and Military.pdf
Organized crime, political transitions and state frmation in post-soviet eurasia.pdf
Outlaws Inc.pdf
Organized crime part2.pdf
oriental devleopment company prospectus.pdf
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Violence-Naxalites and Hindu Extremists in India.pdf
Okakura Kakuzo¯ and India The Trajectory of.pdf
One people, one blood Ethiopian-Israelis and the return to Judaism.pdf
Ordinary People Extraordinary Violence.pdf
Operation Shakespeare by John Siffan.pdf
oil king 2.pdf
Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia.pdf
oil king 1.pdf
occupied manila.pdf
North korea under Kim Jong il.pdf
No End to War.rtf
No good men among the living part1.pdf
No Exit from Pakistan.pdf
神国の行方 - Where to next for Shinkoku thought.pdf
Yukio Mishima thymos between aesthetics and ideological fanaticism.(Essay).pdf
When Politicians Sell Drugs- Examining why middle east enthno political.pdf
Vietnamese Archives and Scholarship On the Cold War Period.pdf
Unveiling Potential Leverage over Pyongyang.pdf
Uncertain Partners--Stalin+Mao+Korean War b.rtf
Twilight of the Evening Lands.docx
Tropical Furniture and Bodily Comportment in Colonial Asia.pdf
Troubled Neighbours- Japan's Negative Economic Diplomacy Towards North Kore6.pdf
Trust 2.3robbins.pdf
Three against the republic.docx
Theorizing Manga- Nationalism and Discourse on the Role of Wartime Manga.pdf
Three Views of the Rising Sun, Obliquely- Keiji Nakazawa’s A-bomb, Osamu Tezuka’s Adolf, and Yoshinori Kobayashi’s Apologia.pdf
Nippon's nostalgic national narrative ÉIshihara Shintarˉ's kamikaze film.pdf
The White Labyrinth - B.pdf
The White Labyrinth - A.pdf
The Writer As Migrant.rtf
The Vargas regime 1.docx
Nippon Modern-Jp Cinema of 20s 30s.pdf
The ten lectures.docx
The Sun in the Sky the relationsip between isi-taliban.pdf
The Soviet’s Best Friend in Asia - The Mongolian Dimension of the Sino-Soviet Split.pdf
The Terrorism Debate Over Mexican Drug Trafficking Violence.pdf
The Soviet Union and the Vietnam War.docx
The Sources of Terrorist Financing.pdf
The Search for Al Qa'ida 3.rtf
The Sino-Soviet Alliance and China’s Entry into the Korean War.pdf
Narco-Terrorism-A Unified Strategy to Fight a Growing Terrorist Menace B.rtf
The Shadow Catcher A.docx
The Search for Al Qa'ida 2.rtf
The Roots of Turkish conduct.pdf
The Search for Al Qa'ida 1.rtf
The Quarrelling Brothers - New Chinese Archives and a Reappraisal of the Sino-Soviet Split.pdf
The politics of organized crime and the organized crime of politics.docx
The Repatriation of Castaways in Chosŏn Korea-Japan Relations, 1599-1888.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Variable-Geometry Military Dictatorship .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Toward Civil WarThe State vs. (Some) Islamists, the Islamists vs. the Minorities.pdf
The Paradox of Postcolonial Korean Nationalism State-Sponsored Cultural Policy in South Korea, 1965-Present.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Part Three Islam-Territorial Ideology or Political Religion .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Impossible Democracy or Impossible Democrats .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-List of Acronyms .pdf
NK The struggle against US Power.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-The Judiciary, the Media and NGOs .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Part Two Neither Democracy nor Autocracy .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Introduction.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Index.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- Elite in Search of a State—and a Nation (1906–1947) .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-After 16 December 2014.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- Jihadism, Sectarianism and Talibanism.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- Part One Nationalism without a Nation .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- Islamic State or a Collection of Ethnic Groups .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Five Ethnic Groups for One Nation .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- Socio-Ethnic Origins of Indian Muslim SeparatismThe Reform Phase (1857–1906) .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Bibliography .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience-Glossary .pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- From Jinnah’s Secularism to Zia’s Islamisation.pdf
Nato in Afghanistan.pdf
The Pacific War and Working Women in Late Colonial Korea.pdf
The Opium Trade and Patterns of Terrorism in the Provinces of Afghanistan- An Empirical Analysis.pdf
The Pakistan Paradox-Instability and Resilience- Conclusion.pdf
The Modern Girl and the Vamp- Hollywood Film in Tanizaki Jun’ichirô’s Early Novels.pdf
The Merchants of the KremlinACFB23.pdf
The Imperialist Eye The Cultural Imaginary of a Subempire and a Nation-State.pdf
The Global Underworld.pdf
The Filmic Time of Coloniality- On Shinkai Makoto’s The Place Promised in Our Early Days.pdf
The Crisis of American Foreign Policy in the 21st Century.rtf
The Colonial and Transnational Production of Suicide Squad at the Watchtower and Love and the Vow.pdf
The Birth of Rok.pdf
Terrorist and Non-Terrorist Criminal Attacks by Radical Environmental and Animal Rights Groups in the United States, 1970–2007.pdf
Terrorists Next Door) A Comparison of Mexican Drug Cartels and Middle Eastern Terrorist Organizations.pdf
The aesthetics of speed and the illogicality of politics Ishihara Shintarō.pdf
Talibanistan 3.rtf
Surreptitious Lifelines A Structural Analysis of the FARC and the PKK.pdf
Tanizaki and the Enjoyment of Japanese Culturalism.pdf
Standards of Living in Colonial Korea.pdf
Sexual difference in European cinema - the curse of enjoyment.pdf
Stalin, the Cold War, and the Division of China - A Multi-Archival Mystery.pdf
Soviet counterfeit dollars7.pdf
Sino-Venezuelan oil-for-loan deal – the Chinese strategic gamble.pdf
Settler colonialism in the twentieth century-projects, practices, legacies-''Malthusian dreams, colonial imaginary--The Oriental Development Company and Japanese emigration to Korea.pdf
Ruling Ideology and Marginal Subjects Ming Loyalism and Foreign Lineages i...pdf
Revolution By Degrees Stalin's National-Front Strategy For Europe,1941-1947 ACFB11.pdf
Revisiting narratives of Meiji 'progress' Seiji Shōsetsu as sexual and political opposition.pdf
Return to the Colonial Present- Ch'oe In-hun's Cold War Pan-Asianism.pdf
Rescuing Businesses through Transnationalism- Embedded Chinese Enterprise and Nationalist Activities in Singapore in the 1930s Great Depression.pdf
Prospects for the Afghan Interim Government.rtf
Rationalizing the Orient-- The ''East Asia Cooperative Community'' in Prewar Japan.pdf
Post-Imperial Third Romes.pdf
Portrayals of Non-North Koreans in North.pdf
Pan-Asianism in Prewar Japanese Foreign Affairs The Curious Case of Uchida Yasuya.pdf
On the Arms Trade between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the.pdf
North-South Railroad Competitions Reord...pdf
Orwell--All Art is Propaganda.docx
On The Wrong Side-My Life in the KGB.rtf
Osama bin Corleone Vito the Jackal Framing Threat Convergence Through an Examination of Transnational Organized Crime and International Terrorism.pdf
Nothing is True and Everything is Possible.rtf
Nostalgia for a (Different) Asian Modernity- Media Consumption of ''Asia'' in Japan.pdf
North Korean 'Adventurism' and China's Long Shadow, 1966-1972.pdf
Narco-Terrorism-A Unified Strategy to Fight a Growing Terrorist Menace A.rtf
Muslim Mafia.rtf
Mongols, Turks and others.pdf
Murder City.rtf
Moments of Danger in the (Dis)continuous Relation of Korean Nationalism.pdf
Mizushobai Literature, Prostitution, and Comfort Women.pdf
Multiregionalism and Multiateralism.pdf
Mossad-The Greatest Missions of the Il Secret Service.pdf
Military Review, February 1988.pdf
Mexico-Narco-Violence and a Failed State.pdf
Militant Islamist Ideology 1.pdf
Mexico-What Everyone Needs to Know.pdf
Mexico Under Fox.pdf
Maruyama - Theory of Psychology of Ultra-Nationalism.pdf
Lone Wolf Killer-Unni Turrettini part2.pdf
Martin_Bradley_K-Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader.pdf
Marriage in contemporary Jp.pdf
Magnificent Delusions-Husain Haqqni.pdf
Lone Wolf Killer-Unni Turrettini.pdf
Literacy and Script Reform in Occupation Japan.pdf
Lost Modernities - China, Vietnam, Korea, and the Hazards of World History.pdf
Lion of Jordan 2.rtf
long peace in east asia.pdf
Lion of Jordan 1.rtf
Lion of Jordan 3.rtf
Kriegsgliederung des Feldheeres - Stand 15. Oktober 1942.pdf
Libya - The Rise and Fall of Qaddafi.pdf
Kuno Osamu - The Meiji State.pdf
La Familia Drug Cartel.pdf
Korea journal The spatial arrangement and residential space of a colonial city the spatio-temporality of hill villages in Busan.pdf
Korea's Occupied Cinemas, 1893-1948.docx
Korean Books in Japan From the 1590s to the End of the Edo Period.pdf
Korea-The divided Nation.pdf
Kobayashi Yoshinori Is Dead- Imperial War - Sick Liberal Peace - Neoliberal Class War.pdf
Kita Ikki - Reorganization of Japan.pdf
Kkangp'ae and Yakuza-Organized Crime in colonial korea.pdf
Keene - emperor meiji.pdf
Japan's New Party System.PDF
Japan's Post-War Economic Recovery and Anglo-Japanese Relations.pdf
Japanese traders' perception of the Choson trade situation under Japan's wartime economic system and the actual reality.pdf
Japan's mobilization of Koreans for war, 1937--1945.pdf
Japan's international Relations.pdf
Japan's Future in East asia and the Pacific.pdf
Japan's modernization and troubled identity.pdf
JAPAN’S FOREIGN POLICY, 1945-2003 - The Quest for a Proactive Policy.pdf
Military Politcs and Democratization in Indonesia.docx
Merchant of Death-Money-Guns-Planes-and the Man Who Makes War Possible.doc
Nakamura Masanori - The Japanese Monarchy (16-21).pdf
Monsters at War- The Great Yōkai Wars, 1968–2005.pdf
Mattis-Understanding Chinese Intel.pdf
Legacies and Ambiguities.docx
Legitimating Empire, Legitimating Nation- The Scientific Study of Opium Addiction in Japanese Manchuria.pdf
Jihad Joe-Americans who go to War in the Name of Islam.doc
Japan's Recruit scandal-government and business for sale..pdf
Kokutai no Hongi (5-National Culture).pdf
Joining Al-Qaida.docx
khamidov20030701 HuT.pdf
Jihad in Paradise.docx
Japanese studies in italy.pdf
Jallad-Death Squads and State Terror in S Asia.pdf
Japan 1941.rtf
Intel Wars - The Secret History of the Fight against Terror a.docx
Interwar Japanese Agriculture- Revisionist Views on the Impact of the Colonial Rice Policy and the Labor-Surplus Hypothesis.pdf
Internationalizing the Pacific 1919-1945.pdf
Islamist Networks-The AfPak Connection.pdf
Inside Colombia-Drugs Democracy and War.pdf
Indonesia-The Long Oppression.rtf
India-Pakistan-and the Secret Jihad 1_2.pdf
India-Pakistan-and the Secret Jihad 2.pdf
INDONESIAN COMMUNISM UNDER SUKARNO-Ideology and Politics, 1959-1965.pdf
Inside Colombia.pdf
In the Line of Fire.pdf
In the graveyard of empires 2.pdf
India-Pakistan-and the Secret Jihad 1_1.pdf
In the graveyard of empires 3.pdf
In Our Image.pdf
Illusive Utopia - Theater, Film and Arts in NK.pdf
Impossible Dream-The Marcoses Aquinos and the Unfinshed Revolution.pdf
In the graveyard of empires 1.pdf
Imperial designs-Fashion, cosmetics, and cultural identity in Japan, 1931--1943.pdf
In Denial.pdf
Identity Politics in Central Asia and the Muslim World.pdf
How educational ideologies are shaping global society.pdf
Hitler's Empire 3.rtf
Hizbullah’s Identity Construction.pdf
Hokkaido-a history.pdf
H.V. Evatt and the establishment of Israel the undercover Zionist.pdf
Hezbollah the story of the party of God-from Revolution to institutionalization.pdf
Hitler's Empire 1.rtf
Hezbollah The Changing Face of Terrorism.pdf
Hitler's Beneficiaries.rtf
German Novelists of the Weimar Republic -Intersections of Literature and Politics.pdf
Growth and Crisis in the Spanish Economy 1940-1993.pdf
Great Games, Local Rules.pdf
George Wilson - Kita Ikki Radical Nationalist.pdf
Getting Away with Murder.pdf
Introduction - Oxford Scholarship.pdf
GLOBAL TERRORISM-Revised Edition.pdf
Hitler's Empire 4.rtf
Hungarian counterfeit francs.pdf
Hitler's Empire 2.rtf
Grassroots Fascism.pdf
Hierarchy and Legitimacy in International Systems The Tribute System.pdf
German Jihad-On the Internationalization of Islamist Terrorism.doc
Genda's Blade - Japan's Squadron of Aces 343 Kokutai.pdf
GENERATION EXODUS - The Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany.pdf
Gender and Mission Encounters in Korea-New Women, Old Ways.pdf
From the Brothel, to the Body-The Relocation of Male Sexuality in Japan's Prostitution Debate.pdf
From Stalin to Kim il Sung.pdf
From Fascism to Communism-Continuity and Development of Collectivist Economic Policy in North Korea.pdf
From Pablo to Osama-Trafficking and Terrorist Networks.doc
From the Opium War to the Pacific War.pdf
Filipino women's migration to Japan's sex industry.pdf
Forgotten captives in Japanese-Occupied Asia.pdf
Fountainhead of Jihad.rtf
FDR and the Spanish Civil War.pdf
faulklands vol 1.pdf
Faith, Unity, Discipline-A History of Pakistan's Inter-Serves Intellignece.pdf
Fascism in the Contemporary World.pdf
Eye on Korea.pdf
Failed Diplomacy-how the DPRK got the bomb.pdf
Fast and Furious.rtf
Explorations in economic history Public finance in Korea under Japanese rule Deficit in the colonial account and colonial taxation.pdf
Everlasting Flower-A History of Korea - Pratt.pdf
Evolving Terrorist Threat to Southeast Asia (2009) 264p 9780833046581 0833046586.pdf
Exploring Japanese Literature.pdf
Eurasian Crossroads.pdf
en, Yves. Entrepreneurial States - Reforming Corporate Governance in France, Japan, and Korea (ENTIRE OCR). Cornell UP 2007.pdf
Ethnic Nationalism and the Fall of Empires Central Europe, Russia and the Middle East, 1914–1923.pdf
Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy - studies of the principal movements and ideas.pdf
Ernst Juenger and Germany--Into the Abyss 1914-45.rtf
Empire of Cotton2.pdf
From Militant Secularism to Islamism.pdf
Fujitani - Reischauer Memo.pdf
From Nationalistic Diaspora to Transnational Diaspora.pdf
Friendship Forged by War - Oxford Scholarship.pdf
Freedom without Slavery Coolies, Prostitutes, and Outcastes in Meiji Japan's Emancipation Moment.pdf
Fluctuations Between Crime and Terror-The Case of Abu Sayyaf's Kidnapping Activities..pdf
Facts and myths about Korea’s economic past.pdf
Explaining Interwar Korean Consumption Trend.pdf
Exploring the Intersections of Technology, Crime, and Terror.pdf
Entrepreneurial terrorism-financial strategies, business opportunities, and ethical issues.pdf
Dying for a laugh- post-1945 Japanese service comedies..pdf
Drugs in South Asia.pdf
Drugs and Democracy in Latin America.pdf
Diplomatic gifts of arms and armour between Japan and Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries.pdf
Disintergrating Indonesia-Implications for Regional Security.rtf
Disarming Strangers.pdf
Dossier Secreto.rtf
D-Day in the Pacific The Battle of Saipan.pdf
Deception-Pakistan 2.pdf
Der Mythos der Nation im Transnationalen Raum-Türkische Graue Wölfe in Deutschland.pdf
Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese Revolution - A Historical Biography.pdf
Democracy in Occupied Japan.pdf
Dictators Without Borders.pdf
Deception-A Tool of Soviet Foreign Policy.pdf
Days of Rage.rtf
Deception-Pakistan 1.pdf
Dugin Eurasianism a window on the minds of the Russian elite.pdf
Dr. Fu Manchu in Harbin- Cinema and Moviegoers of the 1930s.pdf
Culture of Remembrance in Late Choson Korea Bringing an Unknown War Hero.pdf
Cuba 1933.rtf
Dangerous Harvest.pdf
Critics of Modernity-The Literature of the Conservative Revolution.rtf
Crossed Swords 3.pdf
Crossed Swords 2.pdf
Crossed Swords 1.pdf
Crime Terror Nexus in South Asia - States, Security and Non-States.pdf
Criminal soveringty pub975.pdf
Criminals and Terrorists- An Introduction to the special issue.pdf
Creating New Medina.pdf
Countering terrorism and insurgency in the 21st century - international perspectives Vol 1.pdf
Countering terrorism and insurgency in the 21st century - international perspectives Vol 2 .pdf
Continental Crossroads.rtf
Contemporary Gvt Reform in Japan.pdf
Comfort Women Reparation Debates And the Ethos of Postwar Japan.pdf
Communism & Nationalism in Middle East 1956.pdf
Comintern Theses 1932.pdf
Comfort Women by Yoshimi Yoshiaki.pdf
Colombian Labyrinth - The Synergy of Drugs and Insurgency and its Implications for Regional Stability.pdf
Cocainia-A Book on Those who Make it.pdf
Circle of Treason.pdf
Confronting Iran.pdf
'Colossal Illusions''- U.S.-Japanese Relations in the Institute of Pacific Relations.pdf
CHINESE MIGRANTS ABROAD Cultural, Educational, and Social Dimensions of the Chinese Diaspora.pdf
China's War on Terrorism.rtf
Chinese Intelligence Operations.pdf
China's Use of Military Force.pdf
China's war with Vietnam- 1979- issues- decisions- and implications By King C. Chen.pdf
China's Struggle For Status.pdf
China's Crony Capitalism.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -The Dragon Meets the Lion.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -Prologue.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -Note On Sourcing.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -Abbreviations.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - Re-Hyphenating India.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - Tea With the Taliban.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -Bibliography.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -Index.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - Nuclear Fusion.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics -Acknowledgements.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - The Chinese War on Terror.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - The Trade Across the Roof of the World.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - Oxford Scholarship.pdf
Bribes Bullets and Intimidation.pdf
Cannon and Identity-Japanese Modernization Reconsidered.pdf
China-Pakistan AxisAsia's New Geopolitics - Lord, Make Them Leave—But Not Yet.pdf
Changes in the manufacturing industry of Korea (1940-1949).pdf
China and Japan in the late mejii period.pdf
China and The Cold War.pdf
Changes in the business environment under the wartime control economy and the response of the Gyeongseong (Keijō) Electric Co..pdf
Chamberlain The Evangelist of Race.pdf
Caught in Time.pdf
Castro's Secrets-Inside Castro's Intel Machine.rtf
Casting Faiths.pdf
Britian and Japan in the 20th cent.pdf
Campaign in the Marianas.pdf
Border Insecurity-.pdf
BookScanCenterThe great war 2.pdf
Bodies, numbers, and empires- Representing ''the prostitute'' in modern Japan (1850--1912).pdf
Blood and Politics-The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream.pdf
Blood Brotherhoods-A History of Italy's Three Mafias.pdf
Bloodlands-Europe Between Hitler and Stalin.pdf
Blood From Stones.pdf
Blood and Rage.pdf
Body objectified - Historical study of how Korean women were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese.pdf
Between Ally and Partner--US, PRC and Korean relations.pdf
Between Stalin and Hitler - Class War and Race War in the Divionia.pdf
B132 Indonesia - From Vigilantism to Terrorism in Cirebon.pdf
Bayou of Pigs.rtf
Belorussia 1944--The Soviet Staff Study.pdf
Bangladesh and Pakistan.pdf
Bankrupting the Enemy.pdf
Background tot he March First Movement.pdf
Balik Terrorism-The Return of Abu Sayaaf.pdf
Between Ethnicity and Modernity- Taiwanese Medical Students and Doctors under Japan's Kominka Campaign, 1937-1945.pdf
Arming Nonalignment - Yugoslavia’s Relations with Burma and the Cold War in Asia.pdf
Arming without aiming India’s military modernization.pdf
Arab-Israeli Military Forces in an Age of Asymetric Wars.pdf
Andean Cocaine.pdf
Avoiding Armageddon.pdf
Axis of Convience.pdf
Andean Cocaine - B.pdf
Arms Trafficking and Colombia.pdf
Arming the Two Koreas.pdf
Andean Cocaine - A.pdf
Amal and the Shi'a.pdf
An Odyssey for Korean Rock- From Subversive to Patriotic.pdf
Afghanistan--Mullah, Marx, Mujahid.pdf
americas boy.pdf
Afghanistan--A Short History.pdf
american desperado.pdf
All Honorable Men.pdf
After Fidel.pdf
Against Every Human Law-The Terrorist Threat to Diplomacy.pdf
Afghanistan from the cold war through the war on terror part2.pdf
Afghanistan--A Country History.pdf
Accounting, business & financial history. The current value-based balance sheet in the context of East Asian colonial management the case of the Oriental Colonization Company.pdf
Afghan Modern last part.pdf
Afghanistan from the cold war through the war on terror part1.pdf
Afghanistan from the col war part3.pdf
Afghan Modern1.pdf
Action Française by Eugen Weber.pdf
Afghanistan - From Darius to Amunullah.pdf
Afghanistan - The Soviet Invasion in Perspective.pdf
Afghan Communism and Soviet Intervention.docx
kendzior MA.pdf
Kendzior Phd.pdf
A Place in the Sun - Marxism and Fascism in China's Long Revolution.pdf
a quest for true islam - a study of the islamic resurgence movement among the youth in bandung, Indonesia.pdf
A Muslim Archipelago-Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia.pdf
A Twilight Struggle.pdf
A Troubled Peace-US policy and the Two Koreas.pdf
A Time to Betray.pdf
A Savage War of Peace - AUDIOBOOK COMPANION.pdf
A Road to Modernization and Unification- The Construction of the Gyeongbu Highway in South Korea.pdf
'A Scramble for Freight''- The Politics of Collaboration along and across the Railway Tracks of Korea under Japanese Rule.pdf
A Low Dishonest Decade B.pdf
A fearful symmetry the new soldier in the age of asymmetric conflict.pdf
A Clean Sweep - The Politics of Ethnic Cleansing in Western Poland, 1945–1960.pdf
A Descriptive Analysis of Japanese Organized Crime.pdf
A Long Goodbye.pdf
A history of Korea from antiquity to the present.pdf
A History of Iran--Empire of the Mind.pdf
A Line in the Sand.rtf
A Dubious Past--Ernst Juenger.rtf
a history of japan.pdf
88 to Khandahar.pdf
0465051626Two Koreas.pdf
[Davis-Poynter] - Iraq and Syria 1941.pdf
1962 The Eve of the Left Turn in China's Foreign Policy.pdf
(The Other) Yoshida Shigeru and the Expansion of Bureaucratic Power in Prewar Japan.pdf
0788135201.Breaching the Marianas - The Battle for Saipan.pdf
Modern Egypt - Studies in Politics and Society.pdf
Sex trafficking.pdf
Remapping the Past-Fictions of History in Deng’s China, 1979–1997.pdf
Crisis in North Korea.pdf
Inside the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, and the siezure of Kabul in 1979.pdf
Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Military History.pdf
The Logic of Japanese Politics.pdf
Crony capitalism.pdf
The Soviet Union and the North Korean Seizure of the USS Pueblo.pdf
Political Participation and Ethnic Minorities-Chinese Overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States.pdf
Explaining Corruption in SKorea ROC(Taiwan) and the Philippines--the role of economics.pdf
Kilcullen - Counterinsurgency.pdf
Fascism - Past, Present, Future.pdf
Pretext for Mass Murder - The September 30th Movement and Suharto’s Coup d’État in Indonesia.pdf
Pirate state - inside Somalia’s terrorism at sea.pdf
Cold Terror-Canada's Support for Terrorism.pdf
Red Conspiritor.pdf
Aleksandr Dugin-A Russian Version of the European Radical Right.pdf
Sacred Secrets-How Soviet Intelligence Operations Changed American History.pdf
Midnight in Mexico.pdf
Terrorism Financing and State Responses-A Comparative Perspective.pdf
Leaderless Jihad.pdf
Big Business, Strong State-Collusion and Conflict in South Korean Development, 1960-1990.pdf
crime terror Svante_Cornell.pdf
Ungoverned Spaces.pdf
Researching the Other in Modern Japanese Literature - A Critical Approach.pdf
Japan's Contested war memories.pdf
Iran’s Security Policy in the Post-Revolutionary Era.pdf
The Islamic Movement in Egypt.pdf
Cutting the Gordian Knot - The Post-WWII Egyptian Quest for Arms and the 1955 Czechoslovak Arms Deal.pdf
The Hatoyama Dynasty.pdf
Moscow’s Surprise - The Soviet-Israeli Alliance of 1947-1949.pdf
Presidental decisions for war-Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf.pdf
Russian MI int the Russo Japanese War.pdf
Interpreting History in Sino-Japanese Relations.pdf
Extreme Right Right Wing Political Violence and Terrorism.pdf
A Bitter Revolution - China's Struggle with the Modern World.pdf
Yugoslavia a history of its demise.pdf
North Korea under Kim Jong Il-From Consolidation to Systemic Dissonance.pdf
I am the Market.pdf
Confessions of a Spy.pdf
Chinese capitalists in Japan’s new order - the occupied lower Yangzi, 1937–1945.pdf
Xinjiang - China's Muslim Far Northwest.pdf
Downsizing the Stae.pdf
Japan's Colonization of Korea--Discource and Power.pdf
The Soviet-Chinese-Vietnamese Triangle in the 1970’s - The View from Moscow.pdf
Provential life and the Military in imperial Jp.pdf
America's Geisha Ally1.pdf
The Fascist Experience in Italy.pdf
The Cleanest Race - How North Koreans See Themselves and Why it Matters.pdf
Russian Views of Japan, 1792–1913.pdf
Korea's Development under Park chung Hee.pdf
Drugs and Money-Laundering Latin Americas Cocaine Dollars.pdf
KGB in Afghanistan Mithrokin.pdf
THE TALIBANIZATION OF SOUTHEAST ASIA-Losing the War on Terror to Islamist Extremists.pdf
The Petroleum triangle-Oil Globalization and Terrorism.pdf
Colonial Cambodia’s ‘Bad Frenchmen’.pdf
Comrade J.pdf
Technology and Development in pre-War Japan-Mitsubishi Nagisaki Ship Yards.pdf
The Dictator's Handbook.pdf
Operation Snow.pdf
Japanese Apologies for WWII.pdf
Model Jet Engines.pdf
China’s New Industrialization Strategy.pdf
Funding The Enemy.pdf
Policing Soviet Society.pdf
United States Policy toward Indonesia during the Truman and Eisenhower Years.pdf
Emporor Hirohito and Showa Japan.pdf
Historical Dictionary of North Korea.pdf
Japanse German Relations.pdf
Crime Terror Nexus in South Asia.pdf
Red Prometheus-engineering and dictatorship in East Germany, 1945–1990.pdf
The Lebanese in the world.pdf
Interpreting Islamic political parties.pdf
The Thought of Mao Tse-Tung.pdf
HAUNTING the Korean Diaspora-Shame, Secrecy, and the Forgotten War.pdf
The Russian Roots of Nazism.pdf
The Politics of Organized Crime.pdf
The Sukarno File, 1965–1967 - Chronology of a Defeat.pdf
Japan in the Fascist Era.pdf
Toumanoff, Vladimir I.toc.pdf
The Madrasa in Asia Political Activism and Transnational Linkages.pdf
Soviet Aims in Korea and the Origins of the Korean War, 1945-50.pdf
Japanese Army Straggelers and war memory.pdf
Manufacturing Parties--rexmining the Transient nature of Philippine Politics.pdf
Stormtroopers and Crisis in the Nazi Movement.pdf
Political Philosophy in Japan - Nishida, the Kyoto School and Co-Prosperity.pdf
The Japanese Mafia-Yakuza, Law, and the State.pdf
Mao's Last Revolution.pdf
The Dragon Syndicates.pdf
bulletin_Nr_ 15.pdf
Chinese strategic culture and foreign policy decision-making.pdf
Absolute Erotic Absolute Grotesque-the Living, Dead and Undead in Japan's Imperialism.pdf
Double trouble Iran and North Korea as challenges to international security.pdf
Rebels Without Borders-Transnational Insurgencies in World Politics.pdf
Russia Between East and West.pdf
The Evolution and Adaptation of the Yakuza in Twentieth Century Japan.pdf
A Reader's Guide to Japanese Literature.pdf
North Korea's Efforts to Acquire Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Weapons - Evidence from Russian and Hungarian Archives.pdf
Central Asia and the Caucasus - Transnationalism and Diaspora.pdf
Contemporary Muslim Apocolyptic Literature.pdf
Gold Warriors-America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold.pdf
Crossing Empire’s Edge-Foreign Ministry Police and Japanese Expansionism in Northeast Asia,.pdf
The Interkit Story - A Window into the Final Decades of the Sino-Soviet Relationship.pdf
The Ethics of Aesthetics in Japanese Cinema and Literature-Polygraphic desire.pdf
Political Islam in Central Asia.pdf
Opium Regiemses.pdf
Britain Secret War Against Japan.pdf
Truman and Korea-The Political Culture of the Early Cold War.pdf
Book Review- Broken Landscape- Indians Indian Tribes and the Co.pdf
Palace Politics-How the Ruling Party Brought Crisis to Mexico.pdf
Racing the Enemy.pdf
Colonial Rule and Social Change in Korea.pdf
Terrorism and Violence in South East Asia.pdf

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