Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New and Improved coming

My new and improved domain is coming back soon with a professional makeover.

While my website will still offer free content, here's a sample of a few of the reports that will be available by subscription only:

Cuban Narcotics Trafficking in Venezuela: The Venezuelan 'Socialist' Lie

America 2019: An Organized Crime Intersectional Roadmap

The Importance of Diasporas for the Purposes of Political Subversion

Subversive Politics in U.S. Immigration: How it Works

Take the Red Pill: How Organized Crime Has Succeeded in Subverting the Mass Media and the Entertainment Industry

The FMLN and MS-13: Another Cuban Narco-Trafficking Front

Cuba, Russia, and Corporate Shakedown Front Groups: Blackmail is BIG Business

How Transnational Organized Crime Profits from the Weaponization of Political Issues and Steals from All of Us

Subversives and Idiots: Dark Truths About Terrorism in the United States

Reading Between the Lines: A Geopolitical Perspective to Put the JFK and MLK Assassination Conspiracy Theories to Rest

Cleaning Up the Mainstream Media: A Plan for Restoring Reality in News Reporting

An Assault on America's Children: What Decades of Organized Criminal Subversion and Misplaced Political Priorities Has Done to Our National Educational System

The LTTE: The Terrorist Group That Influences Your Life Who You've Never Heard Of

I'll keep you posted!

Best Regards,

Christopher Nethery


  1. Chris, are you off Twitter again? I thought of you today—I saw an ad on Twitter for a Trump chat (Trumpit) that is based in NC. NC seems to be a nexus of a lot of stuff!

  2. I was booted off again, for some reason Twitter has decided must remain secret.


    OMG, yes.

    But not for much longer.