Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New and Improved coming

My new and improved domain is coming back soon with a professional makeover.

While my website will still offer free content, here's a sample of a few of the reports that will be available by subscription only:

Cuban Narcotics Trafficking in Venezuela: The Venezuelan 'Socialist' Lie

America 2019: An Organized Crime Intersectional Roadmap

The Importance of Diasporas for the Purposes of Political Subversion

Subversive Politics in U.S. Immigration: How it Works

Take the Red Pill: How Organized Crime Has Succeeded in Subverting the Mass Media and the Entertainment Industry

The FMLN and MS-13: Another Cuban Narco-Trafficking Front

Cuba, Russia, and Corporate Shakedown Front Groups: Blackmail is BIG Business

How Transnational Organized Crime Profits from the Weaponization of Political Issues and Steals from All of Us

Subversives and Idiots: Dark Truths About Terrorism in the United States

Reading Between the Lines: A Geopolitical Perspective to Put the JFK and MLK Assassination Conspiracy Theories to Rest

Cleaning Up the Mainstream Media: A Plan for Restoring Reality in News Reporting

An Assault on America's Children: What Decades of Organized Criminal Subversion and Misplaced Political Priorities Has Done to Our National Educational System

The LTTE: The Terrorist Group That Influences Your Life Who You've Never Heard Of

I'll keep you posted!

Best Regards,

Christopher Nethery


  1. Chris, are you off Twitter again? I thought of you today—I saw an ad on Twitter for a Trump chat (Trumpit) that is based in NC. NC seems to be a nexus of a lot of stuff!

  2. I was booted off again, for some reason Twitter has decided must remain secret.


    OMG, yes.

    But not for much longer.

  3. Hey Chris. Longtime lurker & first time commenter who just wanted to stop by and say hello, and thanks for sharing all the info you've dug up with us on here. Hope to see up sometime soon! =)