Thursday, February 28, 2019

Did Michael Cohen Just Commit Perjury Before Congress?

Before I get into this, let me just say a couple things...


I LIKE Elijah Cummings.

My God, with all of the disinformation that has pounded right-wingers like me over the years, I can hardly believe it myself.

But, by golly, this man is sincere. I love sincere people. I love people who speak from the heart and have the composure to lead, amidst an environment drowning in high emotions.

And I like him even more because he has PERSONALLY suffered in his life. He knows what suffering IS. In his life, he has been touched by racist assholes. His reference to his parents and sharecropping in the South touched my heart. 

Anyway, enough said.

I'm sure you've already noticed that I don't trust Michael Cohen.

And I don't trust Lanny Davis, the attorney who's representing him while also representing Dmytro Firtash and fighting Mueller's attempts to extradite him.

So there are a couple of things I noticed yesterday.

Cohen was asked if he'd been to Prague. He responded with "No".

Was Cohen lying to Congress, or just relying on a little clever legal semantics, courtesy of Lanny Davis?  Maybe Cohen was juuuuuuuust outside of Prague...a short distance away?


And didn't Cohen try to confirm the Trump party line..."NO COLLUSION"...?

When asked, he also indicated that he doesn't know of any other Russian mobsters associated with Donald Trump.

So he doesn't know that Paul Manafort exists?  Or is Lanny Davis relying upon a clever semantics defense for Cohen?

Time will tell.

But in my humble and yes, somewhat educated opinion, Cohen is treading perilously close to committing perjury before Congress.

Of course, the GOP politicians on the committee appear to have been effectively briefed by nefarious critters in "the know", given that they're pushing the "Cohen is a liar who can't be trusted" narrative.  Obviously, they see how Cohen's distortion of the facts can benefit them...ESPECIALLY when he tells half-truths under oath and/or lies by omission.

Let's see what the next round brings...


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