Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CONFERENCE CALL: Organizational call for the creation of an Active Measures Working Group

I'm scheduling a conference call for the purpose of discussing the creation of an Active Measures Working Group.

But first, allow me to provide a little background and a few very explicit ground rules.

As some of my followers are aware, I was the co-founder of the Stop Qatar Coalition. I left the coalition because it eventually became overrun by Kremlin influence, claiming the other co-founder in the process.

I have learned a few things since that time, and I'm not about to allow this to happen the second time around.


1) Kremlin influence will not be tolerated. No outside organizations will be allowed to participate either. And If you're undermining the working group's goals, you will be cut off and horsewhipped until the cows come home.

Just kidding...kinda.

2) The second point, which is non-negotiable, is that the working group will be totally non-partisan. 

No negotiation. No exceptions.
01/19/2017 (TOMORROW)

11:00AM, EST

Dial-in Number:
(515) 739-1030

Online Meeting ID:

Look forward to you joining us!

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