Monday, April 4, 2016

A Brief Review of Donald Trump's Vast Russian Connections

For those who are still on the fence about Donald Trump, I'd like to, once again, go through the list of Donald's "all things Russian".

First, let's review Trump's team of advisors who are *LITERALLY* on the Russian payroll:

Paul Manafort

You may remember Paul as the Beltway consultant who advised Russian intelligence ally, Viktor Yanukovych, helping him become President of Ukraine.

Carter Page

Then there's Carter Page, the "pro-Russian" investment banker with extensive ties to Russia, specifically deep financial ties to the Russian oil industry.

Felix Sater

And let's not forget Felix Sater, the convicted felon who is a part of Semion Mogelivich's Russian organized crime network.  And yes, Semion Mogelivich is linked to Vladimir Putin.  For some strange reason, Mogelivich was dropped from the FBI's "Most Wanted List" around the time Trump selected Sater as an advisor.  Could it, um, be that a ton of K Street money had something to do with this?  : )

Of course, Donald Trump has been associated with organized crime for a very long time.

Michael Flynn

And how about Trump's "pro-Russian" foreign policy advisor, Michael Flynn?  Can you find anyone tied to or working for the intelligence community who likes this man?

Now why do you suppose that might be?

Roger Stone

We can't forget about that swingin' straight-shooter, Roger Stone, who will step right up and regurgitate one of the Kremlin's tired old JFK conspiracy theories for you.

You may remember Stone as the guy who worked with Paul Manafort to help elect Russian intelligence asset, Viktor Yanukovych, as President of helping elect Volodymyr Lytvyn, also a Kremlin asset, whose party supported Yanukovych for President.

Stone is buddies with fellow conspiracy theorist and agent of influence, Jesse Ventura. Jesse has his very own television show on RT (Russia Today), as does his son.

The Other "Stuff"

Aside from Putin's own Trump endorsement, the folks who influence Putin's foreign policy, true to form, project just what purpose they have in mind, with regard to their agent of influence:
"As a Donald Trump Presidency is a black swan event it has truly unknown destabilization potential. All those desperately searching for the escape hatch (or the self-destruct switch), and all those who would just like to completely desecrate the Presidency of the United States should fanatically support Trump, not as a 'Leader' but as a weapon of mass psychological destruction aimed squarely at the already crumbling legitimacy of the ruling class and indeed the whole system."

But the associations don't stop there...

Remember when Trump went on Alex Jones' show?  If you weren't already aware of it, Alex Jones is, you got it, one of the Kremlin's most destructive disinformers in America.

Of course, no one could forget the Nazi reenactors that Trump tweeted out. What you probably DON'T know is that Russia is run by Neofascists, not Communists. Here's Putin's "bad ideas guy", Aleksandr Dugin, posing with David Duke, who you may not know is fluent in Russian:

Dugin is the creator of  the National Bolshevik Party, which bears a flag similar to another flag that people might recognize:

For that matter...white nationalist hate site, , which began as a campaign bulletin board for David Duke, endorsed Trump.

And few may recall that seven years ago, Trump sold his Palm Beach mansion to Russian oligarch, Dmitry Rybolovlev.

There's even a Russian-language website that markets and sells "all things Trump".

So, armed with the knowledge I have provided you with, what might be the purpose of Donald Trump's suggestion that we "rethink" NATO?

Are you absolutely certain that you want to vote for Russia's candidate for U.S. President?

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