Thursday, January 14, 2016

Weaponized Ideology

Just a very quick note here...and it's it not a message directed to one political wing over the other.

This is a message for anyone who still plans on voting for Trump after having read all of my articles about him, as well as anyone who still believes Bernie Sanders is the right man for the job...for anyone who thinks it's a good idea to ignore those warning beacons flashing faintly in the background.

But the point is this...

Our enemies don't WANT us to be grounded in impartiality.  They don't WANT us to be objective. They don't WANT us to stop sweating the small stuff and find common ground.  They don't WANT us to find the inner strength to question the origin and/or validity of our own ideas.


They WANT us to be stuck in our own heads, because that way they're able to steer and cajole us to do just about anything they want, without us ever even knowing it.

That way, they win.

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