Monday, January 18, 2016

The Craziest Profit Model You Have Ever Seen: The Marriage of Russian Active Measures, Chaos and Organized Crime as Foreign Policy--PART THREE

Unless you've been living in a vacuum, you know by now that Russia's leadership is totally fucking bonkers.

But the bigger issue here is that the existing models for Russia are wrong, just WRONG.

Yes, that's a pretty arrogant thing to say, especially when you're confronted by people who have dedicated their lives to studying Russia and speak the language fluently.  And I mean absolutely no offense to the world's Russia experts.  The experts are experts.  I just understand one small aspect about these they think.

My sense is that some of the non-experts want to think of the Russians as Europeans.  I think of them as Mongolians with enough European in them to (thank GOD) brag about what they're doing. Someone tweeted this the other day, which is PERFECT:


But really what it all comes down to is this...

The Russians HAVE to do what they're doing. They have to keep us in a state of constant confusion, ala Vladislav Surkov.  The moment they stop all this insanity, the scale of their illicit activities becomes apparent.  And what are they doing?  They are profiting from chaos.  I think the following sums it up quite well:
"On March 10, Fyodor Mozgovoy – who commands LNR’s ‘Phantom’ unit and enjoys a cult status among Russian volunteers fighting on the rebel side in Ukraine – made a remarkable statement. Asked about fascism in Ukraine, he said:
“My dear's, there is no fascism. The anti-fascist movement is… Well, it’s like with computers, understand? There is virus and there is antivirus. The Virus is created by the same person who creates the anti-virus. It’s all business, pure business. You can create a surge and then create a counter-surge. You gain from the both.'"
An alternate translation can be found here, but the point is the same.

In my opinion, one very significant reason people don't want to go down this road (aside from the fact that they just cannot believe the Russians are really this crazy) is because they may already have a rough idea about the massive can of worms that lies underneath.  Understanding how it all fits together means discovering the massive criminal overlap between Russia, Iran, Qatar, Dawood Ibrahim's D-Company/AQAPand the realization that these people have been transforming the world into Pablo Escobar's 1986 Columbia, right under our noses.  It means facing the uncomfortable reality that our favorite NGOs have been piggybacking funding to terrorist organizations and have been helping to finance narcotics and human trafficking.  It means discovering that people who we thought we knew and trusted for decades were, in fact, working towards America's destruction and even profiting from it.  It also means revising the historical record with regard to the actual parties involved in 9/11 and unwinding perhaps over $1 trillion in investments with Qatar, with a massive U.S. military base sitting in Doha...To which my response is...

No, you don't want to hear my response...but it isn't pretty.

What happened was a series of events that just occurred over time beginning, perhaps, with members of the GRU trafficking narcotics with FARC towards the end of the Cold War. With no one looking over their shoulders to tell them to stop, they kept it going.  Well, they ramped it up.

Collapse of the U.S.S.R. meant that Russian influence in the Middle East and Africa would wane without a backup plan.  A new model was required, in lieu of dumping rubles into bank accounts in Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Algeria, etc.

So Russia created a profit model out of chaos that allowed them to maintain their influence, while weaponizing ideology in order to veil their activities.

So Russia HAS to create and disseminate memes like "Sectarian warfare in the middle east" and keep people believing it.

And they HAVE to keep pulling off crazy stunts like Bruce Jenner's transgenderism vs "Kill all homosexuals", because it keeps the money rolling in, while projecting their own sick, paranoid view of the world.

They HAVE to promote the lowest common denominator in the black community, ie. Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur/"Gangsta" rap for the same reason...they are protecting a franchise.

I will provide further documentation in subsequent articles, but I felt I had to communicate the overall concept of what Russia has been doing. I will discuss specifics with regard to ISIS, etc., soon.

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  1. I'm very grateful for all the mind expanding information. I was completely brainwashed with democracy now, Snowden, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky... until Trump. It's all so confusing, a mix of facts seasoned with deception. Thank You. Bibi