Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Kremlin narrative arc and Arianna Huffington's Twitter Feed

Just a little peek into how I am able to understand Russian foreign policy, just by examining the narrative arc of Russia's ambassadors of, um, ill will...

At first, it will seem a little arbitrary.  But eventually, you'll begin to see what I'm talking about. I grabbed these screenshots from Arianna's tweets during the Republican debates.

"Russia hates Rubio and that horrible Zionist, Schumer"
<<< -------

<<<< "Russia pulled off Bridgegate"

<<< "America backs ISIS." Same RT story on "Rawstory". Pravda story, same narrative arc.

<<<  "Russia loves Donald Trump, but HATES Barrack Obama."

"Russia loves Ben Carson."

<<< "Russia HATES Ted Cruz."

<<< --- "Russia created 'Birtherism', YAY!"

 <<<  --------------
Globalresearch article: ""It’s 2025 and an American "triple canopy" of advanced surveillance and armed drones fills the heavens from the lower- to the exo-atmosphere."

 "Russia LOVES to talk about Benghazi. Russia HATES Hillary. 'Everything is P.R.'--V. Surkov"
<<< ------

<<< -------
"Uh oh. Military intervention doesn't serve Russia's interests in the Middle East."

<<< -----
"Russia loves (is) Iran."

<<< --- "Andrew took the rubles too." : )

<<< -----
Two of these folks are not like the other ones...can you name them?

"Russia wants you to succumb to Trump"
<<<< -----

"Russia: American aggression created Islamic terror."
<<< ----

<<< ------
"Russia: The Middle East is OURS"

<<< -----
"Russia and Cuba are STILL good buddies. : )"
Pravda arrticle: "Cold War is over--a colder war is in store"

Pravda article:
"The coalition forces have the ability to carpet-bomb the cities, leaving every man, woman and child dead."
"Nowadays, the coalition cannot carpet-bomb the cities."
<<< ---

Pravda article: "Obama: 'People of the World Do Not Look to Beijing or Moscow to Lead? - They Call Us'"
<<< -------


<<< --- "...when the Russians beat us into space..."

<<< --- Russia's role in creating the "immigration" crises in both Europe and the U.S.

Russia has created numerous "news" sites, etc., which tend to lump all the telltale influenced media players together, like HuffPo and Infowars.  Here are a few examples...just look at the internet media sites they aggregate together: (uh, didn't know?) (Truth alliance...LOL..."Pravda")

There was so much more I wanted to add to this story, but I think the article speaks for itself.

Do your own research and you'll find Russian media plagiarism from now 'til Christmas.  In fact, the Russian-influenced media are CONSTANTLY plagiarizing each other.  You'll even find wacky stuff, like this, and you'll discover HuffPo's and Infowars' odd love-hate relationship with each other.

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