Monday, January 25, 2016

A Few Concerning Details About Sarah Palin

Anyone who knows me knows I'm just about as Conservative as they come. But I try to set my partisan views aside when I endeavor to understand the world, because it clouds the field.  And, besides, party means nothing, COUNTRY means EVERYTHING.

I had been watching Sarah Palin for quite some time prior to her much-publicized recent support forDonald Trump.

Allow me to point out a few things...


It is interesting to note that Salon (in an article co-authored by Max Blumenthal) took issue with Palin's Alaskan Independence Party associations. I refer to this pattern as the “attack your own” pattern, which I will explain in future articles.

It's important to understand the connections to the Alaskan Independence Party...

Alaskan Independence Party (ADP) CONNECTIONS

Here's one of their charities, which you'll note operates in Nicaragua and Haiti. Isn't Haiti a MAJOR narcotics trafficking stopover?

The Lakota Nation is a key member of the American Indian Movement which is, in turn, also a member of the Rainbow Coalition, whose members include:

Black Panther Party
The Patriot Party
Young Patriots Organization
American Indian Movement
White Panther Party
I Wor Kuen
Brown Berets
Young Lords

No doubt, Native American secessionist movements have been influenced by both Howard Zinn's historical reworkings in his book “A People's History of the United States” which, incidentally, has been translated into Russian.

Some information on the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Koch Brothers' Russian background, and friends of Forbesof course. Note that they are also strong supporters of the John Birch Society, which appear to be deeply influencedIt also appears that the Russias have created several crazy conspiracy theories about the John Birch Society, always a red flag.

Of course, there was Sara Palin's continued push for a gas pipeline in Alaska, even after U.S. Companies withdrew their support. It is noteworthy that Russia offered to partner up with ConocoPhillips and BP, in order to embark on the project. Early on, Palin had asked the people of Wasilla, Alaska to pray for the construction of the pipeline because it was “God's Will”. Huffington Post really wanted that pipeline built, as well. Hmmm...I am reminded of Gerhard Schroeder and Nord Stream.

And there was a lot of weirdness related to the Wildrose Party in Alberta last year that Sarah supported. Moreover, the Wildrose Party created a “Civil War” among Conservatives. Before the 2015 elections, the idea of the New Democratic Party sweeping the elections in Alberta was equivalent to a bunch of wide-eyed, exclusively anglophone, college professors from Berkeley taking over Texas. And yet, thanks to the Wildrose Party, that is exactly what happened.


1) Citizens' arrest of a journalist at a town hall event:

According to Wikipedia:
“Miller received national press attention after campaign security guards handcuffed and made a 30 minute private arrest of a journalist following a town hall campaign event in an Anchorage public school on October 17, 2010. Bill Fulton, the owner of the unlicensed security firm said the journalist, Tony Hopfinger, was trespassing at a private event and had assaulted a Miller supporter by shoving him. Fulton was subsequently named as the federal informant who supplied weapons to a radical accused of plotting the deaths of officials in Fairbanks.”

2) William F. Fulton, the owner of the security firm that Joe Miller chose, is a commander of the "Alaska Citizens Militia" run by Norm Olson, who founded the Michigan Militia, the same organization that
trained Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh, who were responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing.


Sarah Palin's daughter's boyfriend's mother's drug arrest, which Huffington Post was obsessed with...originally reported as a methamphetamine bust. It's like I always say...
“Where's there's meth, there's neo-Nazism...”

Finally, let's not forget the odd, odd situation with the Sarah Palin supporter turned “Black Lives Matter” Bernie Sanders heckler.  

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