Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Russia is Stealing: Part 1

For those who have followed the drama of the Snowden saga, you might be familiar with the name Jesselyn Radack.

Ms. Radack has gained considerable fame as the defense attorney for a number of so-called "whistleblowers", including Ed Snowden and Thomas Drake. Jesselyn is, herself, a once embattled "whistleblower". Radack was responsible for exposing alleged ethics violations by the FBI during the interrogation of John Walker Lindh, while employed with the Justice Department.

Radack's departure from the DOJ, while not really the focus of this article, included accusations by Radack that her employer tried to pressure her to resign, based upon a poor performance review that she alleged was influenced by the DOJ's Office of the Inspector General.  Radack has since made dubious claims about retaliation:
Anonymous senior Justice officials smeared me in the media as a "traitor," "turncoat" and "terrorist sympathizer." '
As noted in Radack's Wikipedia page, Radack has often cited the New York Times as a source for this claim, such as in this interview with truth-out.org. Radack's Wikipedia page goes on to note:
' Google searches of the Times website confirm only that in 2003 Times journalist Eric Lichtblau wrote, "Government officials suspect [Radack] is a turncoat", without indicating whether the word was his or theirs. '

As an interesting and entirely relevant tangent, Lichtblau is also the author of this recent article in the New York Times:

Investigating Donald Trump, FBI Sees No Clear Link to Russia

Lichtblau is also published in Democracy Now, which is a sort of one-stop-shop for convincing their readership that certain Latin American dictators and their families are Bolivarian revolutionaries, and not in fact high profile drug traffickers in cahoots with Cuba and Russia.

Lichtblau is ALSO published in truth-out.org, which has also published Paul Krugman, Henry Giroux and Noam Chomsky (among others), the former of whom is often mentioned on Aleksandr Dugin's think tank website, katehon.com, and the latter two who are actually published there.

Radack has since been involved in a number of endeavors, such as the Government Accountability Project (GAP) and the Courage Foundation. While I don't discuss either in this article, I encourage some ambitious investigator at the U.S. Treasury Department to take a closer look at the flow of funds to and from these two organizations.

Over the course of my research, I noticed a Buzzfeed article about an investigation at the World Bank, concerning an employee who the GAP and the employee's lawyers suggested might be a victim of retaliation for his LGBT activism.

The suggestion of retaliation seemed odd to me, mostly because I find it implausible that influential officials at the World Bank would discriminate and retaliate against a "senior country officer for the Maghreb [who manages] a Nordic Trust Fund grant", based upon his LGBT activism.

But the GAP's interest in the investigation also struck me as a bit of a coincidence, considering that Jesselyn Radack's husband, Daniel, is a Sr. Carbon Finance Specialist at the World Bank Group and, according to this document, the fund manager for World Bank's Biocarbon Fund.

What's really interesting about the World Bank's Carbon Finance Unit is that so many of the recipients are well within Putin's and Semion Mogilevich's sphere of influence. Aside from projects 

In Russia, there are multiple gas recovery projects partnered with Rosneft, for which the World Bank is funding $60 million. Of course, Russia is a non-signatory of the Kyoto Protocol.

In Ukraine, $1.5 BILLION is allocated for revamping and upgrading the Alchevsk Steel Mill, a region now controlled by the Luhansk People's Republic.

In Moldova, World Bank is funding the Moldova Soil Conservation Project which, coincidentally, Daniel Radack is associated with.

What one discovers, when pouring over the Moldova projects snapshot document are a few *very* questionable practices, in an environment more or less dominated by Semion Mogelivich's operations, well before the recent elections.

(More here)

For example:
"In addition, the Bank has advised on developing electronic payment and remittance services, enhancing the legal and regulatory framework for the non-banking financial sector, and allowing movable assets to be used as collateral. Finally, the Bank is financing the Competitiveness Enhancement Project II, which contains a US$30 million access to finance component in the form of a credit line for exporting enterprises. The funds are now available to Moldovan exporters through participating local banks."

Enter the Moldovan Bank Fraud Scandal.

While the World Bank acknowledged the culprit banks in the Moldovan bank fraud scandal, they in no way acknowledge that grant money didn't wind up in the hands of      
Mogelivich, etc. In fact, it would more or less have been impossible.

The World Bank Moldovan Project continued working with the Ministry of Economy, even after the scandal.
The issue is that the Ministry of Economy, ITSELF, is a problem, as well as their auditor (Grant Thornton).
Which brings us to the very import point that KPMG is the auditor for the World Bank, which has a relationship with Grant Thornton, via a recent acquisition.

And, yes, this is the very same KPMG that was recently entangled in the FIFA scandal with Russia.

Batten down the hatches folks...because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dangerous Territory: How Intellectual Dishonesty is a Vote for Trump...Even if You Voted for Hillary

If you have read some of my previous articles, you know I'm no longer a big fan of partisanship. While others are far better at it than I, I'm proud of the fact that I've tried very, very hard to avoid contaminating my analysis with Ideological bias. But then, in so many words, I was influenced by the best. They know who they are, so we'll leave it at that.

As I've mentioned before, the Kremlin has weaponized ideology by molding, shaping and radicalizing our own beliefs. This is the case on both sides of the political spectrum.

Had the GOP produced the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, I have little doubt the general public would have associated 20th century Soviet influence with the rightwing.  As this was not the case, many Conservatives view Active Measures as a leftwing phenomenon. In many ways, as a Conservative, I can appreciate this perspective. The history of Active Measures in the UK, on the other hand, saw Soviet influence initially take root in the conservative Tory party.

But not only is this left vs. right perspective dangerous, it is incorrect.

Throughout most of the 20th century, Soviet influence in the United States was largely thought of as a Left-wing phenomenon. This view was changing however, even before the rise of the Alt-Right in America. And it's a good thing, since there's sufficient evidence to support the assertion Russia (and the Soviet Union before it) have *always* influenced both the political left and right.

For Conservatives who are honest, there is little question. Russia is deeply influencing the American political right. This includes rightwing media, politicians, political platforms, even fashion.

If you do not understand this, as an American Conservative, you enable.

Alas, there is another side to this.

Recent Russian meddling in our elections, most notably Russian hacking of a DNC server and Hillary Clinton's personal email server, has catapulted Russian influence into the consciousness of the American leftwing.

No longer are Russian Active Measures the subject of fantasy--not even to the left.

But we're in very dangerous territory now.

The problem is the American leftwing never acknowledged Kremlin influence among their own.  This is demonstrated, for example, by the left's reluctance to acknowledge that Alger Hiss was working on behalf of the Kremlin.

It's not a question of evidence. There's plenty of evidence. The intelligence community has declassified much of the evidence now, leaving almost no doubt about Hiss' guilt.

More recently, we have watched as various leftwing personalities with apparent Kremlin affiliations have influenced our elections.  These are just a few of them. There are MANY...


Yet there is still a disconnect, even among those on the left eager to combat them, in understanding that Active Measures are not solely a rightwing phenomenon.

The danger in this is the left's failure to understand how groups such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy and Anonymous are *literally* front organizations for Russian intelligence. In the interest of time, I can't gather up all my sources. However, I will provide you with a Russian state-sponsored PSA that ought to help demonstrate Russia's perspective, with regard to "Occupy":

Those familiar with Active Measures understand the importance of identity politics as a means for creating chaos. It is, in fact, fundamental.

The Ferguson and Baltimore riots recycled the altogether familiar narratives about racial injustices that we have seen decade after decade and always, ultimately, at the hands of Russian operatives.

Courtesy, Wikipedia: "1930 print in Bezbozhnik, the Soviet magazine, showing a Black American being lynched, hanging from the Statue of Liberty"

The 1960s saw the continuation of race-based agitation with the likes of KGB recruit Eldridge Cleaver, a leader of the Black Panther Party. Later in life, Cleaver forged ties with North Korean intelligence, likely via his conversion to fundamental Christianity and association with Sun Myung Moon, founder of the "Moony" religious movement.

The 20th century still holds many of its secrets, to the detriment of society. We have learned depressingly little from the errors of the 20th century. One of those lessons, which will be covered in future articles, are the deep and forgotten ties between the USSR/Russia and Islamic terrorism.

Unfortunately, given the prospect of Kremlin influence in the White House, which is to become reality on January 20th, 2017, we have very little time to all become Kremlinologists.

In the interim, we must all abandon partisan prejudices and weed out bad actors. But we cannot weed them out, if either side of the political spectrum refuses to acknowledge their existence.

UGH...An apology.

Alas, I was sidetracked.

Elections, new developments and good, solid advice have helped reshape my priorities.

It is not yet time for the articles I promised.

But it is time for another *VERY* important article, which will be published in a few hours.

Again, I am very sorry for this.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

Note to my readers...

I promised you a while back that I'd publish a major story on Russian espionage in the Beltway.

The time has finally come.

Please stay tuned. In the next 24 hours, I will publish part one of a multi-part series covering the largest espionage network in U.S. history.

Thank you,

Chris Nethery

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Voter Fraud, The Narrative: How to Win Someone Else's Election, the Russian Way

If you follow European politics, you may have heard about the recent, contentious elections in Austria.

Much like the Greek elections that preceded it, Austria's elections this year were characterized by extreme partisan polarization.  Austria, like Greece before it, has been a target of ongoing Russian active measures seeking to manipulate the elections and, as I have described before, influence both the far left and far right while playing them against not only each other but also the center.

And, much like what happened in Greece, by the time the polls opened up in Austria, the centrists were so thoroughly decimated and the nation so polarized, the far left and far right dominated on election day. In the end, the candidates that mattered were Alexander Van der Bellen of the far left Green Party and the winner, Norbert Hofer of the far right Freedom Party of Austria.

To put the election results in perspective, the majority Social Democratic Party of Austria is generally supported by just under 27% of the population, came in fourth place in the elections, garnering only 11.3% of the vote. The second most popular party in Austria, the Austrian People's Party, which normally garners 24% of the vote, received only 11.1%.

Along came the runoff election on May 23rd, and the candidates' fortunes were reversed with the tallying of postal ballots.

To many familiar with Russia's not-so-covert backing of Europe's far right, the runoff election represented a dodged bullet. But lo and behold, on July 1st Austria's Constitutional Court ruled that electoral law in the majority of Austria's administrative districts had been violated. We will discover the results of Austria's elections after our own. A redux of the runoff election is presently scheduled for December 4th.

Almost reminds me of the 2000 Florida election recount...

Back in America, Kremlin meddling rears its ugly head once again (Did it ever really stop?). And for those of my readers who follow the Kremlin's often ridiculous (yet vexingly influential) narratives in the news and social media, you may have noticed agitprop related to the possibility of voter fraud in our own 2016 elections, with increasing intensity.

Brian Stelter, a reporter at CNN, noticed this trend and offers some critical insight, here.

If you get the chance, it's well worth watching.

As you might expect, Twitter is full of voter fraud narratives as well.

While Russia is certainly using its influence to install far right candidates in both Europe and America, its overall goal is much broader. Russia is trying to erode America's confidence in our own electoral process. Donald Trump's own comments are an attempt to imprint the minds of the American public...to acclimate us with the notion of widespread voter fraud.

Is it necessary for voter fraud to even occur, in order to erode the credibility of the elections?

Probably not.

All that really matters is the perception that voter fraud occurred.

But let's suppose for a moment that Russia plans to commit voter fraud in America. How would they do it?

Scenario #1: Phony Hillary Clinton Voter Fraud

Russia's objective would be to paint Hillary Clinton as a "corruptician" who will stop at nothing, not even voter fraud, in order to become the next President of the United States.

Russia would want to make it obvious to anyone rational that something had gone amiss.  In my estimation, they would locate districts where Clinton is assured to win and stuff ballots to the extent that it would be noticed, say 150% voter participation or more.

Scenario #2: Donald Trump Voter Fraud

Same scenario as the first, only they would stuff Trump ballots in a Trump-friendly district.

Scenario #3: Mess with people's heads

In predominantly minority districts, like Harlem, N.Y., voter fraud might consist of inordinately high vote counts for Evan McMullin or Gary Johnson. The effect, of course, being that the system is rigged by government insiders and/or whites.

I can only imagine the conspiracy theories the Kremlin could cook up, given such a scenario.

With regard to the Austrian elections, I have to believe that at least one or both of the first two scenarios took place, otherwise there would likely not have been sufficient evidence to warrant a runoff re-vote.

In my opinion, Russia (Trump) wants to repeat the 2000 elections in America. And they may or may not commit voter fraud in order to make it happen.  But regardless of whether they do or not, Russia (Trump) is already accomplishing one of their goals...

They are influencing the American electorate and destroying people's faith in American Democracy.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Putin's War on American Civilians

Yes, you're reading the title correctly--and it's not exaggerated.

Maybe you thought Russia was merely disrupting social media with Internet trolls from the infamous St. Petersburg troll factory. Or, perhaps you're informed enough about Russia's non-linear warfare to understand that they are actively interfering with our 2016 elections.

But if you believe Putin isn't a physical threat to you, your family, your friends and neighbors, then you still don't understand.

Russia isn't just waging information war against the U.S., they are waging physical war against American civilians...ON U.S. SOIL.

Sounds crazy, right?

Let's take a step back and look at that awful night in Orlando, Florida, just a mere 2 1/2 months ago, when Omar Mateen left a trail of victims including 49 murdered and 53 others wounded.

This depraved act was the worst terrorist attack in America, in terms of loss of human life, since 9/11. It was also the deadliest attack against members of the LGBT community in U.S. history.

Although Mateen swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), neither the FBI nor the CIA found any evidence that he was actually a member of the terrorist organization or that ISIL was aware of him, prior to the attack. Mateen's motives remain unclear, although Daniel Gilroy, a former coworker said this about Mateen:

"But he also had a lot of hatred for people. Black people, women, he did not like Jews, he did not like Hispanics, nor did he like gay or lesbian people."

So there's the very brief and incomplete summary of the Orlando shootings.

But let's look at a few things that may change your entire perspective about this terrorist act...

Russian intelligence has been actively distorting the facts

Since the shootings took place, Russia has been developing a deceptive narrative in the media.

For example, the actual Wikipedia page covering the events of the shootings relies on a known Russian phony news site, MintPressNews, and a *heavily* Russian-influenced site, teleSUR, to suggest that Mateen's family "believed he was gay, and that 'the FBI asked her [Mateen's ex-wife] not to tell this to the American media' ".

But, lately, you may have noticed that Omar Mateen's father, Seddique Mateen, is in the news again. The narrative is that Mr. Mateen is some kind of huge Hillary Clinton supporter, having recently attended one of her campaign events as reported by, er, RT here.

You may have also noticed Russian phony news sites accusing Seddique Mateen of working as a CIA agent, such as here, here and here.

This is one of the Kremlin's favorite old tricks. In Russian phony news site beforeitsnews.com they accuse Alex Jones of working for the CIA. In another Russian phony news site, they float the idea that, of all people, Noam Chomsky works for the CIA.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

But what the mainstream media *REALLY* showed us, in picking up and running with the Kremlin's narrative on Seddique Mateen, is their complete inability to research a story.

Meet the REAL Seddique Mateen
Seddique Mateen is neither a Hillary Clinton fan nor a CIA agent.

But he IS friends with Dana Rohrabacher, California's very own "Pro-Russian" Senator.

You may recall that Paul Manafort, who is presently under investigation by the FBI for his Russian ties, donated money to Rohrabacher's campaign:

Mr. Mateen has his very own web show, on which he displays his apparent Taliban sympathathies and (in line with Russian foreign policy) animosity towards Pakistan.

Mateen even dedicated the majority of one of his web shows to Rohrabacher and his Russian foreign policy aligned views on Afghanistan.

But there's more.

As indicated on his web show, Seddique Mateen has ambitions for becoming Afghanistan's next President.

In fact, Mateen is from the same tribe as former Afghani President Mohammad Najibullah. For the record, this was also convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui's tribe.

Watching Mr. Mateen's videos, it seems apparent that Mateen wants to BE the next Najibullah. And, if you didn't already know this, Najibullah was a KGB puppet.

Mateen even sports the same mustache as Mohammad Najibullah...

If you're still having a hard time with the idea that Russia is a state sponsor of terror, I'd suggest you take the time to watch these "prophetic" videos of Najibullah, which precede Osama Bin Laden's time in Afghanistan:

Of course, I haven't brought up the comparison between Omar Mateen murdering 49 civilians at an openly gay nightclub and Russian state media's anti-gay vitriol, but I don't think it requires a great mental leap to do so.

So there you have it.

I'll let you be the judge...

Friday, July 29, 2016

WHERE IS MEREDITH MCIVER? (An op-ed by guest writer Brian R. Friedman)

Donald Trump has invented employees out of thin air before.

He has pretended to be someone named John Miller or John Barron when speaking to the press, and those instances are documented. So when someone in the Trump Organization named Meredith McIver released a written statement claiming responsibility for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008, some, including myself, became suspicious that perhaps Trump had duped us again.

Those suspicions have only grown. Bogus social media accounts claiming to be this woman have popped up SINCE McIver’s statement, possibly even of Russian origin as the Twitter account for 'her' today went from defending herself in English to simply stating ‘nothing can stop us’ in Russian.

Obviously photo-shopped pictures have popped up online, and the fact that no one seems to have physically seen this woman outside of the Trump Organization in the past ten years (other than, weirdly, Piers Morgan, which I think only sets off more red flags), and it was enough for me to go digging.

My search for Meredith McIver continues (and there are others out there looking too), as there is still no physical proof of her existence, but the search also provided some sad insights into the current media as a whole.

When I called the Associated Press New York City bureau to ask if they’d interviewed her, their response was ‘oh, yeah, we tried once, but it didn’t work out.’ I was shocked at that lack of effort. Jason Horowitz of the New York Times wrote a story about her – without apparently sitting down or talking with her. I believe he and the Times were duped. Politico blew me off as well. I could go on and on and on.

Only the Washington Post was receptive to listening, but as of right now I don’t know for sure if they will go to press with anything.

I’m not sure why the media hasn’t done any real investigating here. Maybe they can only pay attention to anything within the past 24-hour news cycle. Maybe because someone saw a link to something somewhere, then it must be true. Maybe newsrooms are now so decimated that, whereas there once would have been a team of reporters fleshing out stories, there is now no one.

But I know that personally I won’t stop until I know for sure whether or not Meredith McIver exists. If I am wrong and she does exist, I will go on television to admit I was wrong, and I’ll apologize to Ms. McIver for any trouble I may have caused her. I’ll proclaim that ‘Yes, I was wrong! Donald Trump’s in-house plagiarist really does exist! And I’ll go back to other pursuits.

Hillary Clinton has earned all the scrutiny she’s given through some highly questionable actions in the past, but shouldn’t the press spend half as much time examining Trump as they do on her e-mails?

In my mind, I keep switching Trump’s name for say, Barack Obama, and I think, what if Barack Obama, in his past dealings, had pretended to be someone else while talking to the press. Imagine the field day the media would have talking about that – and I doubt if it had come out during the campaign he’d even be president today. I wonder if Barack Obama simply just said ‘no’ to the accepted practice of presidential candidates releasing their tax returns, the media would have just let that slide.

And if we’re right that Meredith McIver is fake, I can just imagine the bedtime stories of the future. Instead of George Washington and the cherry tree, it’ll be ‘and then President Trump invented a woman out of thin air, and let her take the blame for it. And that’s tonight’s lesson in accountability. Now go to sleep.’

Not giving up the search,

Brian R. Friedman
Contributing Writer,

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Russian Active Measures: The Variable That Could Throw the 2016 Elections

The past few months have been rough for the politically-involved.

If you're like me, you're asking yourself very difficult questions about which candidate may or may not be best for America. While none of us can know for sure which candidate that will be, we can make some educated guesses based upon the facts at hand.

But before I present the points to back the thesis of my article, allow me to share some additional details with my readers, for the sake of perspective.

Active Measures, as aptly paraphrased by Wikipedia:

"...[range] 'from media manipulations to special actions involving various degrees of violence'. They were used both abroad and domestically. They included disinformation, propaganda, counterfeiting official documents, assassinations, and political repression, such as penetration into churches, and persecution of political dissidents."

Simplistically speaking, Horseshoe Theory challenges mainstream notions of Left-wing vs. Right-wing, by arguing that the far left and the far right are really much closer together, much like the tips of a horseshoe.

The conventional wisdom...

Horseshoe Theory...

In other words, Russia is weaponizing ideology ITSELF. They are exploiting the far left and far left in an effort to polarize, while simultaneously discrediting political Centrists.

At present, there's still widespread denial about the existence of Active Measures even during the Cold War, let alone the present day. Those who have an awareness of Active Measures would generally agree that they have presently become a greater problem than they *EVER* were, prior to the collapse of the U.S.S.R.

When I became aware of the scale of Russia's active measures in America and in the world, I began an ongoing process of distancing myself from partisan politics, as a whole. Just as Active Measures seek to intentionally blur reality by exploiting partisan biases, I found that my own partisan biases were blurring my ability to correctly interpret world events.

By stepping back from partisan politics, I was able to once again discern between fact and fiction.

I began to understand that the chaos of the past eight years was not *solely* the work of an Obama White House considerably further left of center than I, myself, am comfortable with.

I began to understand the machinations of Russian active measures, which seek to seize upon seemingly inane and inconsequential points and effectively paint realists as racists and idealists as radicals.


While this election may largely focus on personalities, it is really the candidates' underlying ideas, beliefs and objectives that will be pivotal to America's destiny.

Aside from Trump's propensity for the garish, he has struck chords that resonate with many voters. The danger in this is not the message itself, but the big picture--the historical runup that led to the prospect of a Trump presidency. To understand this, we must take an altogether different look at the past eight years, this time considering an additional variable we had not accounted for before...Russian influence.

As I have tried to share with my readers, Trump has surrounded himself with individuals who are closely associated with either the arch criminal, Semion Mogilevich, or his ex-KGB counterpart, Vladimir Putin. The evidence over the past few months rules out coincidence to a mathematical certainty.

But what gets lost is a view inside the mind of the Kremlin, the true heirs to the term "social engineering". Twentieth century history teaches us that the Russians are masters in the art of manufactured crisis, controlled opposition and the construction of dominant social narratives. They do this via influence operations that target the media, government officials and even pop culture icons, via agents of influence.

Some of them might surprise you...

But the Kremlin strategy goes well beyond this. Social engineering, as an element of active measures, includes hours of planning out and analyzing how various segments of a population react to certain events. It means that the Kremlin literally analyzes numerous permutations of an event or narrative in the American media in order to plan out how the population will reflexively respond, all to the benefit of Russia. It is easy to see how well this has worked in Ukraine, for example.

Because I am aware of the extraordinary direct and indirect involvement of foreign state actors in this election, agendas will not be enough. Understanding the means, motives and opportunities of our adversaries must be treated with equal weight.

Trump's perspectives on foreign policy, particularly with regard to NATO, are not only revealing but potentially very dangerous, as retired Admiral James Stavridis pointed out two days ago, in Foreign Policy.

Over the past eight years, we have seen the resurgence of Kremlin front organizations, reminiscent of the Cold War era. We have witnessed the meteoric rise of many telltale narratives, largely originating from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the old Russian intelligence field manual, so to speak, which KGB also distributed in the Arab world.

Russia set out, with great ease, to transform the brashly left-leaning and idealistic Mr. Obama into an aspiring Fidel Castro who wished to declare martial law on America and seize its small arms. Mr. Obama effectively empowered the gun industry by playing to individuals' fears about the erosion of second amendment rights. And, until the Obama administration rightly issued sanctions against Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and the Tula Arms Plant made a king's ransom here, selling AK-47s and 7.62x39 ammunition, particularly after the Newtown shootings.

So here are a few observations and concerns I have for the elections, based upon my current analysis of Election 2016:

  • The "Hillary vs. Putin" narrative is a powerful narrative but, unfortunately, I don't think either Team Hillary or the State Department will "sign off" on it. The problem, aside from John Podesta, himself, is that the Hillary camp doesn't fully appreciate Russia's toxicity. They change this stance (and their campaign staff) pretty quickly. And no Hillary, you should *NOT* want to keep Mr. Blumenthal on as an advisor. Ask me about Blumenthal's involvement in the Gennifer Flowers affair, Mrs. Clinton, if you need convincing.
  • Jill Stein (Russia), Gary Johnson (Russia) and others will drive the narrative that there's no difference between Clinton and George W. Bush. We will hear the altogether familiar accusations of "McCarthyism", references to mass incarceration and the "police state"...perhaps the resurgence of the "I can't breathe" narrative, only this time in the context of a Hillary Clinton presidency. And beyond any shadow of a doubt, we will hear the narrative, "Team Hillary: Economically beholden to the military-industrial complex".
  • They can get to *ANYBODY*.  Perhaps you heard Newt Gingrich's comment the other day, on CBS This Morning?
"Estonia is in the suburbs of St. Petersburg… I’m not sure I would risk nuclear war."
Or, perhaps you may recall that James Cardin was a former Obama staffer, no doubt well aware of the dangers of Russia. Now, Mr. Cardin is consigned to writing pro-Kremlin drivel from the bowels of Moscow's new crown jewel, The Nation.

  • The Trump campaign has momentum. The Clinton campaign needs to ramp it up and improve their game if they want to win. How many Trump bumper stickers have you seen today? How about Hillary Clinton bumper stickers?
  • The Hillary campaign's lack of concern over OPSEC is the very tool Russia is using to sabotage them. Aside from the troubling ethical questions of the affair, sloppy OPSEC led to the leaked Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting. The first media outlet to report on it was Newzsentinel.  You can see what they are very quickly, with a simple Google search.

Speaking from the heart, I cannot easily imagine an America wherein the seat of executive power is filled by modern-day Chekists.  And, setting my personal feelings about Mrs. Clinton aside, I have serious doubts about Hillary's ability to take the necessary steps to isolate herself from Russian influence.

But who knows? Maybe she will read this article and hire some skilled subject matter experts.

It's not too late...YET.