Sunday, December 6, 2015

What's Wrong with this Picture?

If the Russians are more or less Neofascists now (they kind of ARE) instead of Communists, why has Russia Today produced literally DOZENS of segments on Bernie Sanders, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has been an endorsement?

Because maybe it has nothing to do with ideology.  Maybe once you're in, you're in FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, even if the regime changes.

Just a few of RT's (Russia Today's) Bernie Sanders plugs:

RT: Rumble: Bernie for Prez:

RT: Politics Panel: Bernie-Mentum is real:

RT: Is Bernie Sanders the criminal reform candidate?:

RT: Bernie Sanders speaks the truth on Greece:

RT: Rumble: Doesn't this show Bernie understands the real "average joe"?:

RT: Bernie Sanders draws nearly 30,000 in Portland:

RT: Why is Chris Matthews comparing Bernie to Mao Tse Tsung?:

RT: Bernie Trumped by mainstream media:

RT: Sanders the Populist and Trump the Fascist:

RT: Republcan panelist feels the Bern:

Iowa's feeling the Bern:

RT: The Progressive roundtable feels the Bern:

RT: Feel the Bern, Wednesday:

RT: Stop calling Bernie a Socialist:

RT: Politics Panel: Here's how Bernie can win:

RT: Why this Republican is voting for Bernie:

RT: Politics Panel: What would a Bernie presidency look like?:

RT: Hillary gets Berned:

RT: Bernie Sanders may win the White House

RT: Will Bernie be the beginning of a Revolution?

RT: The Media's "Wave of Silence" on Sen. Bernie Sanders & Why

RT: Bernie Sanders could be the next FDR

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