Saturday, December 5, 2015

UPDATE: Donald Trump's Russian Ties Are Now Right Out in the Open

It just keeps getting more and more blatant...

Once again, THE DONALD is looking particularly "bearish" in, Russian bear.

First off, there was Trump's guest appearance on The Alex Jones Show.

For those who are unfamiliar with Alex Jones, he's the Austin, Texas Paleoconservative and good friend of Ron and Rand Paul.  Yes, this Ron Paul.

Alex has become a *little* more discreet these days, after reformatting his website, Infowars, and no longer lists his sources on the frontpage, which more often than not consist of RT (Russia Today), Voice of Russia, Pravda, Izvestia or RIA Novosti.

For Kremlin troll busters, such as myself, we ALL know who and what Alex Jones is.  I would wager Donald Trump does as well.

But, on the off chance that Trump does not, the latest news kind of removes all doubt, or SHOULD, anyway.

It turns out that THE DONALD chose Felix Sater, convicted felon, as his senior advisor.

But it gets better.

Felix Sater is believed to be tied to the Mogilevich Organization, a Russian organized crime syndicate allegedly run by Semion Mogilevich.


Not sure what more there is to say about Trump.  The only thing we DON'T have evidence of is whether or not Trump is fluent in Russian, or an actual audio and video recording of THE DONALD accepting cash from the Russian government.

But I DO think we need to talk about Bernie Sanders, as well.

Maybe in the next article.

And oh...if you haven't read my first article on THE DONALD, please check it out, over here.

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