Thursday, December 3, 2015

The "Spetsnaz State" (S.S.)

Let's look at some pretty pictures...

Russian Spetsnaz:


Russian Spetsnaz:


You see where I'm going with this, right?

As Marius Laurinavičius, Senior Analyst at the Eastern Europe Studies Center (EESC) in Vilnius, Lithuania points out,

 "The fact that the famous Shamil Basayev, Ruslan Gelayev and some other Chechen terrorist commanders began their career not only fighting on the Russian side during the Georgian-Abkhaz war, but were directly trained  by the special forces of Russian military intelligence (GRU), was basically never even denied in Russia.  The traces of GRU agents were not a secret as well."

Indeed, the fourth image, above, shows a Chechen member of  ISIS, just prior to murdering a purported Russian FSB agent.

It bears mentioning that Spetsnaz is the most racially diverse unit of the Russian military...and probably the most batshit crazy as well.

Look, there's no caliphate.  There's only a "carteliphate".  Russia swapped out the old satellite model for a profit model.

ISIS is a drug cartel.

They chop people's heads off.  They set people on fire.  They're FOR PROFIT and baby, business is a' boomin'.   Kind of like Russia's buddies, the FARC, or the Mexican cartels, which have also been Russia's buddies for quite some time.

Are people "getting" it, yet?

Russian organized crime, not religion.  But, but, but...the airliner, the bombing of the Kurds  in Turkey or the Turkish MH-17 redux...???!!!


Keep coming back.  I'll write more.

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