Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Problem with Robert Malley: Narrative Arc and Mother Russia

If asked to generate a list of who I feel are the top ten individuals in America posing the greatest national security risk, Robert Malley would rank very close to the top of that list, perhaps right below Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

As the Obama administration's new National Security Council Senior Director for Iran, Iraq, Syria and the Gulf States (dang, that's a mouthful), he is now in a position to wield massive influence on America's Middle East foreign policy.  He has the power to build or destroy.

It's a shame that the administration didn't go with its first instincts in 2008, when they kicked Malley off their campaign team for having met with Hamas which, in case you weren't aware, remains on the U.S. State Department's list of designated terrorist organizations.

But let me REALLY tell you why he is such a colossal mistake for this role...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where Robert Malley's pro-Palestinian and, dare I say, thinly-veiled antisemitic views come from.

Malley is the son of Simon Malley, who worked as a foreign correspondent for the Egyptian newspaper Al Gomhuria (aka Nasser's mouthpiece) and Barbara Malley, an American who worked for the U.N. delegation of Algeria's National Liberation Front, the Pieds-Noirs counterpart of France's far right (think fascist and anti-Jewish) Front National.  Simon joined his wife's cause and, according to The Guardian (which I prefer to call "Putin's London Newspaper"), "made a key contribution to putting the National Liberation Front (FLN) on the world map..."

What's so remarkable about Mr. Malley is how he has remained under the radar for as long as he has.

Let's take a closer look at Robert Malley and the narrative arc of his work, state a few facts and compare it with Russian foreign policy.

1) The Front National is an ally of Russia

2) Malley is pro-Assad (Putin's buddy, remember?)

3) Malley celebrated the alignment of new Arab Spring regimes AGAINST the U.S. (in The Guardian again, no less), same as the Russians did.

4) Malley embraces the "blame Saudi Arabia" narrative that the Russians so eagerly embrace as well

5) Malley is a Hezbollah apologist, the organization whose operational structure is identical to that of North Korea's "Korean People's Army".  In fact, North Korea has even helped TRAIN HEZBOLLAH.  The North Koreans are Putin's BFFs in East Asia.

6) Malley criticized the Obama administration for not allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and, instead, just containing them. Yes, Iran, Russia's satellite of the past 30 years.

7) Malley is pro-PLO.  It should be noted that Malley's father, while also a member of the Egyptian Communist party, was close friends with Arafat.  The PLO was created by Soviet Russia.

8) Malley is pro-Hamas.  Hamas is, again, a Russian intelligence front whose leader, Mahmoud Abbas, is a graduate and PhD recipient from Moscow's former "foreign agent of influence training academy", the Patrice Lumumba School, now known as People's Friendship University.

Anyway, I could go on and on here, but hopefully, you get the point.

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