Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Donald Trump's Русский Magnetism

When one thinks of Russia, Donald Trump is hardly the first person to come to mind.

As an icon of American industry and capitalist success, the only apparent similarity between Trump and Mother Russia is his billionaire status, which would make him roughly comparable to a Russian oligarch.


It occurred to me some time ago that there was something fishy about the "Birther" movement that Trump is so enamored with.  The central character in the Birther narrative is one Orly Taitz, a Moldovan on a never-ending quest to take a good look at Obama's actual birth certificate.  Nevermind that Uhuru Kenyatta would have produced Obama's Kenyan birth certificate long ago, had it existed, considering tribal rivalries in Kenya.

But, alas, that is merely the first order of business.

I remember thinking that the much-hyped "divorce" of Trump and long-time political advisor, Roger Stone was chock full o' drama...more than really seemed to make sense.  As Stone explained to friend Jesse Ventura (remember him?), he and Trump "disagreed on some issues".  But it wasn't until just recently that I discovered that Stone's firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly and co-partner Paul Manafort advised close Kremlin ally, Viktor Yanukovych, in Ukraine's presidential elections, in 2010.

But there are other oddities to consider.

Take Karoun Demerjian's not-so-subtle endorsement of Donald Trump, in the Washington Post.  I mean, maybe it's just me, but something just feels wrong about a Pro-Trump Armenian journalist who worked on Washington Post's Moscow desk as well as at The Las Vegas Weekly and The Las Vegas Sun (Vegas?), whose articles somehow meet Russia-Insider's journalistic standards for re-publication.
O.K., O.K., I suppose we can't hold it against Trump that he chases after foxy women from the former Eastern Bloc, so we'll skip that one.

But I'd place this solidly in the "suspicious" category...

Finally, did you ever think you'd see the day when the KKK is correcting Donald Trump's black-on-white crime statistics, because his numbers ARE TOO HIGH...?

But (shocker here) they say, "Vote for him anyway!"
And who are the KKK?

Ask David Duke, 2005 History Ph.D laureate from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, in Ukraine. Fluent in Russian, Duke was extradited from Italy to the U.S. for his nefarious dealings with Russia's Italian Nationalist/Secessionist allies.

Perhaps Trump ought to hold a bottle of vodka and an AK47 in his next campaign poster.

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