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Monday, March 8, 2021

More That You Didn't See

You have to wonder why it is that certain celebrities get free published puff-pieces that seek to explain their odd behavior in ways that make them seem like really great people.

I mean, how do you get that gig?

Take George Clooney's generous gift of $14 million to his 14 best friends.

What kind of horrible person might question such an act of generosity?

Certainly, such kindness couldn't in fact be payment as hush money, amirite?

Of course not. That would be absurd.

Anyway, free advertising is awesome. Especially if you have celebrity friends like Tom Arnold helping you out.

You remember ol' Tom. He's Felix Sater's buddy. You remember Felix. He's the guy whose dad, Mikhail Preferovsky, was a lieutenant for Semion Mogilevich, the head of the Solntsevskaya Bratva (Russian mob). You might recall that Preferovsky was involved in trying to traffic nuclear materials to al Qaeda for the Russian mob. Nice to have friends.

Now this may seem like an incredible coincidence, but did you know that Jeffrey Katzenberg's political advisor, Andy Spahn, sits on the board of "March for our lives"...?

You might recall George and Amal's generous donation...

Bear with me for a second...

What if it were possible to set up charities and foundations as opaque conduits for, I don't know, laundering money, paying protection money, etc...?

Crazy, I know.

Anyway, I'm really fascinated with Amal Clooney's client list.

There was, of course, Julian Assange. But there was also Yulia Tymoshenko.

Interesting take on Tymoshenko here, from Russia expert Edward Lucas...

Another interesting client of Amal's is Mohamed Fahmy.

He's the guy who met with Ayman al-Zawahiri and lived to tell about it.

Zawahiri is the al Qaeda guy who was arrested by Russia in 1994, sentenced to 6 months in prison, then let go after 1, because they "didn't know who he was"...?

He had a Sudanese passport and a Taiwanese visa application.

Thing the time, Russia didn't have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It's laughable to think that Russia's border service wouldn't have flagged this.

In the real world, we would call this a Russian intelligence failure.

Egyptian President Sisi let Fahmy go, didn't he?

Why it's almost as though, but couldn't be...

Stay tuned folks, there are more dots to connect...

The World You Don't See: Trafficking in Plain Sight

Maybe you heard the news over the past couple weeks.

George Clooney's gonna help produce a documentary on the Ohio State abuse scandal.

It probably gave you the warm fuzzies that George is going to be involved in this project because, after all, he's going after the super awful "Gym Jordan".

So this is a good thing, right?

Well, no.

If you had read the fine print, you would have noticed that one man involved in the project, Ron Burkle, is in Jeffrey Epstein's "little black book".

Another, David Glasser, is the former COO of The Weinstein Company.  He was often referred to as "the third Weinstein brother".

You may be scratching your head, wondering what this means.

I will tell you what it looks like in my opinion. It looks like a "Field of View" operation.

The concept is this:

You seize on a story early on, allowing you to control the narrative and the facts surrounding an issue.  You avoid focusing on the facts that really matter in the interest of, in this case, protecting a network.

But maybe this isn't making sense yet.

Let's continue our journey into the world you don't see...

Thanks to Hollywood, and partnerships with famous Hollywood personalities, UNICEF gets some of the best PR in the world.

Of course everyone knows who George Clooney is.

He's the guy who made an easy billion $$$ by way of selling his vodka company to Diageo. was an "accident".

Never heard of Diageo? They're the company fined by the SEC for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Speaking of Diageo, they're the same company that bought Ryan Reynolds' gin company.

Strangest thing...

Now Reynolds is a spokesperson on human trafficking, just like the Clooneys.

But, crazy thing...did you know that the founder of Covenant House, Father Bruce Ritter was forced out over allegations of sexual and financial misconduct. Probably just a coincidence, right?

But I really want to talk about the Clooneys favorite cause, UNICEF.

Remember this...when a UNICEF ambassador joined forces with Vlad Plahotniuc?

Maybe the name Vlad Plahotniuc rings a bell?  You know...the human trafficker?

But I'm sure it's just a coincidence that a UNICEF ambassador would team up with a human trafficker, right?

Let's not forget about UNICEF and the Charles Bronfman prize...

Certainly you remember the Bronfmans.

They're the same family who proudly took over management of Diageo.  Remember that?

But maybe that family name rings another bell...

Charles Bronfman and his brother Edgar Bronfman Sr. (now deceased) are the sons of the bootlegger, Samuel Bronfman.
You may have heard of Edgar's daughters.
I mean, just look how the same people keep intersecting, over and over and over again...

Small world!
Does anyone remember this "revelation" from Ed Snowden?

Now, just imagine if Moscow Eddie had actually been telling the truth for once.
When you first read that article, you probably marveled at the depravity of FVEY (the Five Eyes).  But what if Moscow Eddie was really letting UNICEF and their list of corporate partners know that the intelligence community was monitoring human trafficking in their ranks.
Anyway, we'll continue our deep dive in the next installment...
Keep your seatbelt on. More dots to connect...

What Happened After Parkland: What will never see the light of day, because people won't accept it 

February 14, 2018 was a horrible day.

The Parkland massacre will always remain a horrible memory.

Not just for the families of the slain and injured, but for all Americans who empathized with the children and their families.

But I'm not here to talk about that day.

I want to talk to you about the world that's all around you and me, yet we don't even perceive its existence.

I want to talk about something so depraved, once I understood it, that you will doubt me, attack me, even ridicule me when I talk about it.

Southeast Florida is a beautiful place.

It's also been the hotbed of organized crime activity for quite some time.

More recently, particularly since the early 1990s it has been, along with Brighton Beach, NY, a place where Jews from the former Soviet Union have emigrated.

Before you get it into your head that I'm some kind of antisemite, let me assure you that my thread is not an anti-Jewish screed. On the contrary, I bring this up because I want you to fully understand the history here.

For those well-versed in contemporary Russian history, Jewishness invited oppression from those in power in the USSR.

Over the course of many decades, oppressed minorities in the USSR searched for other means to take care of themselves and their families.

This is the story of how Russian organized crime spread in the USSR.

The collapse of the Soviet Union created a vacuum that was quickly filled by Russian organized crime.

Here in America, it should come as no surprise that Jewish Russians settled in Jewish neighborhoods...again, largely in areas like Brighton Beach and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

So now you understand a little more about why Trump loves Mar-a-Lago and why I roll my eyes when people call Trump and antisemite.

His daughter even converted to Judaism when she married Jared Kushner.

The point is that, thirty years later, the Russian mob has quite a large presence in Southeast Florida, which is also helpful to them given SE Florida's proximity to Cuba, which is still in practice more or less a Russian satellite or at least a solid international partner.

The Russians even joke about Miami, and their subversion of Miamiland.

So now you have a little of the backstory, and understand the layout of SE Florida a little better, you might begin to understand how Broward County is home for people like Roger Stone and former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

Just down the road from Parkland, in Delray Beach, you can find the headquarters for an international arms dealer called Century International Arms.

They import Romanian & other AK-47 components, assemble them in the US and sell them. Their associated ammunition brand is called "Red Army Standard Ammunition".

Of course, you may have noticed the intentional irony behind the company's initials...C.I.A. I leave it to you to figure out whether or not this company is really a CIA front, as Russia Today seems to want you to believe, or if it might be something else.


The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a massive new market in which post-Soviet weaponry flooded the global market, largely fueled by Russian organized crime.

For reference, see: Douglas Farah's and Steven Braun's "Merchant of Death: Money, Guns, Planes, and the Man Who Makes War Possible"

Ironically, it was an investment banker in South Florida who once, in a fit of brutal honesty, once told me:

"The greatest fortunes are made on the backs of other's misfortunes"

So true. So very true.

And that is precisely how Russian organized crime works.

If you have watched what happens in America after major mass shootings, as I have, you have probably observed a few things.

You have probably noticed that we immediately dive headfirst into a debate over gun control vs. gun rights.

If you're me, you're tired of this debate which is formulaic and at the same time, tragic.

The dialogue is never productive. Both sides yell at each other. Both sides become more polarized. Fear of gun control is marketed to middle American gunowners *not only by the NRA*, but also by gun control advocates, albeit almost always unintentionally.

Gun and ammo sales soar. NRA memberships rise. And rarely anything is accomplished, from a policy perspective.

Here's the embarrassing truth...

Mass shootings are a marketing dream for the arms industry, in part because of the existence of gun control advocates.

But there's a flip side to the economics of school shootings and I am sorry we have to have this conversation, but no one else will.

Because mass shootings are what they are, which is to say they're shocking, traumatizing, and affect us on such a deep emotional level, there's another market, for all of us who watched in horror and want to do something to prevent such evils from ever occurring again.

So I want to prepare you a little...

What if, and bear with me here...what if someone figured out how vulnerable the American public and their pocketbooks are, after mass shootings?

Let that stew a little. I want to talk about what Qanon did after Parkland.

Why does Qanon exist?

Why do they spew conspiracy theories?

And what possible reason would there be to propagate Qanon conspiracy theories, particularly right after the Parkland shootings?

Remember the conspiracy theories?

They were almost as offensive as the shootings themselves BECAUSE THEY TARGETED THE PARKLAND CHILDREN.

Qanon tried to suggest that those kids were "crisis actors".

They had the unmitigated GALL of suggesting the unthinkable.

And what did this accomplish?

It made any discussion about children, or the questionable use of children for promoting a political agenda...impossible.

When I heard about Qanon's sex trafficking conspiracy theories, then it all made sense.

And let me tell you WHY...

Phew. Here goes...

Do you know how the Russian mob operates?

If you're in, your kids are in. And when your kids have kids, they're in too. There's no getting out. There's no retirement plan. Only death. And, you hope that's via natural causes.

Let me introduce you to a man named Jeff Kasky.

Jeff runs a shady adoption agency involved in Russian and Moldovan adoptions, down in Palm Beach County Florida.,amp.html

Never real thrilled about the Democrats, Jeff gets kinda testy if you suggest that he might be involved in anything, well, unsavory.

Oh, and he really likes Putin.

Turns out, Jeff was also in a business partnership with Phil Levine, the guy who took Russian oligarch money for his campaign and ran for governor of Florida in 2018.

Jeff, if you haven't figured out yet, is the father of Cameron Kasky.

You didn't think Cameron did this all on his own, did you?

If you have followed me for awhile, you may have read my thread on human trafficking. I'll cover that in my next installment.

This is important, because I want you to see the world differently, without the comfort of your internal biases.

I don't want to steal any innocence you feel you have left.

I want you to see the world as it really operates.

And I am sorry if I'm tearing down facades.

But there are a few things I want you to understand about March for our lives.

Have you seen their Form 990?

Why are they giving so much money to hard-core conservative companies like Harbinger LLc?

And when I say hard-core, I mean HARD-CORE.

Or maybe you remember the following video, which I still cannot explain, in which Anderson Cooper interviewed the daughters of the president of Century International Arms, Michael Sucher, after the Parkland shootings...

The last thing I want to do here is target kids.

What I'm trying to show you is that people exploit kids, sometimes even their own kids, and sometimes they even go into business with them...the power behind the personality, if you will...

But let's take another look at that Form 990.

See Loeb and Loeb?

That's Hollywood, baby.

That's Jeffrey Katzenberg, George Clooney and it once was Harvey Weinstein.

Before Weinstein's fall, they were all quite close.

They closely worked with Harvey Weinstein for YEARS. But they didn't know anything was going on. I also have some pristine and valuable Alabama swampland to sell you, if you're interested.

Of course you knew that Weinstein is being sued for human trafficking?

But let's be serious here...

Isn't the whole story about human trafficking, not just Harvey Weinstein's sexual assaults?

Is it so far fetched to suggest that Weinstein was the fall guy, while The Weinstein Company itself was involved in human trafficking?

Company dismantled, funds cleaned out, everything swept under the rug and a human trafficking network preserved.

I'll talk more about this in upcoming articles.

For all of March for our lives' concern about gun control, and the tens of millions they have collected in donations, they have spent a little over $300k on lobbying since their inception in 2018.

Here's there 2018 lobbying summary:

It was wronge for Marjorie Greene to attack David Hogg.

VERY wrong.

Clearly, Greene is just the sort of individual having questionable intelligence who swallows up Qanon's lies without questioning them.

And while I won't attack the kids evidently being used to front-face March for your lives, I would ask who is influencing them to promote things I know to be very much aligned with Kremlin interests.

But we're going to have to talk some more about George and Amal Clooney.

You knew Amal was Assange's attorney, right?

Buckle your seatbelts. You don't want to miss the next installment.

New Series: The World That You Don’t Know

I've decided to start a series of articles that will seek to shed some light on the things we typically do not see but, hopefully, the intelligence community and federal law enforcement DO see.

While I have little hope that the issues I raise here will ever be addressed in a larger sense, I find it at least somewhat cathartic to get my observations off my chest.

The first installment is coming soon.


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Who I Am and What I Stand For...So There Are No Further Misunderstandings

Copied over from Twitter...

I am opposed to Trump, who was the reason I joined Twitter in the first that I could educate people about Trump and his Russian mob connections.

I am viscerally anti-partisan. I have no interest in partisan politics. I have no desire to engage in ANY discussion that is rooted in the "Us vs. Them" BS of party politics.

I have an interest in identifying, calling out and countering subversion, information warfare and social media grifting.

I have an interest in facts.

I object to social media narratives that are not factually-based.

I object to "Moscow Mitch" because, asshole that Mitch may or may not be, he doesn't work for Moscow.

I object to "Democrats are Socialists", because Democrats are not Socialists.

I object to "Republicans are Fascists" because my kids' great-grandfather was a POW in Stalag 17-b for 2 1/2 years and I actually know what REAL fascists look like.

I recognize we're in the middle of a viscious information war playing out on Twitter, seeking to divide us along ideological lines, & I wonder why people choose to believe this war is the plaything of only 1 homogeneous enemy usually equating to "people I don't like".

I also recognize that the purpose of information warfare isn't to elect/endorse/promote candidates from only one political party or to push one single agenda. The purpose is to polarize us.

Finally, I recognize that the only way we can get ourselves out of this mess is to embrace facts, honesty, and the painful realization that many of our guilty pleasures have been weaponized...subverted for the benefit of achieving the goal of polarization.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

To My Wife...

Thank you for 25 years of marriage and 33 years together.

You are my soulmate and my best friend.

We have shared our youth together.

Let us share our old age together as well.

Happy 25th Anniversary!